Quantzig Launches New Article Series on COVID-19’s Impact - ‘How the Chemical Industry can leverage Big Data Analytics in the Post-Crisis World’

As a part of its new article series that analyzes COVID-19’s impact across industries, Quantzig, a premier analytics services provider, today announced the completion of its recent article – ‘How the Chemical Industry can leverage Big Data Analytics’

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200508005279/en/

The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

  1. Importance of big data and analytics to the modern enterprise environment
  2. How big data analytics enhances safety measures in chemical industry

Human activity has slowed down due to the pandemic, but its impact on business operations has not. We offer transformative analytics solutions that can help you explore new opportunities and ensure business stability to thrive in the post-crisis world. Request a FREE proposal to gauge COVID-19’s impact on your business.

“Big data solutions help distinguish customer sentiment about products and services of an organization and gain a deeper, visual understanding of the multichannel customer journey and then act on these insights to improve customer experience,” says a big data analytics expert at Quantzig.

The real strength of concepts like big data and analytics come from their symbiotic relationship. With improvements in the quality of data, the value of the insight generated by sophisticated analytics solutions also improves. This is specifically true in the chemical manufacturing industry, where many companies are using big data and analytics to have a new level of strategic planning that has not been available until now.

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Benefits of Big Data Analytics

1: Helps maintain and manage assets

2: Energy management

3: Forecasting load

4: Safety management

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The chemical industry contributes to almost every manufactured product, in one way or the other. The industry engages in activities that convert petroleum and natural gas into intermediate materials, which are ultimately converted into daily use products. The global chemical industry employs almost 20 million people and has annual sales grossing to roughly US$5 trillion. In the earlier days of this sector, the demand was for certain chemicals sold in high volume and well-margined markets. However, with digital transformation promoting strategic growth and streamlining the industry, both commodity and specialty chemicals are now being customized to their end application.

At Quantzig, we analyze the current business scenario using real-time dashboards to help global enterprises operate more efficiently. Our ability to help performance-driven organizations realize their strategic and operational goals within a short span using data-driven insights has helped us gain a leading edge in the analytics industry. To help businesses ensure business continuity amid the crisis, we’ve curated a portfolio of advanced COVID-19 impact analytics solutions that not just focus on improving profitability but help enhance stakeholder value, boost customer satisfaction, and help achieve financial objectives.

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