Retarus Deliverability Guide: The Guide to Successful Email Delivery

SECAUCUS, N.J., May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As online business continues to grow impressively, systems at the companies involved are generating ever more order confirmations, shipping details, and invoices - in short, there is a substantial increase in transactional emails. However, the proliferation of such emails can have a negative impact on the sender's reputation of the company sending them. As a result, important records or messages may get stuck in spam filters, meaning that they are no longer able to reach their recipients' inboxes reliably. This has can unsettle customers, slow down processes, erode trust and bring about additional costs. The Email Deliverability Guide created by cloud service provider Retarus shows how this can be prevented.

Recent studies show that approximately 20 percent of emails sent never reach their destination, even when sent to recipients who actually want them; to make matters worse, undelivered emails harm companies in two respects. A reduced deliverability rate of marketing campaigns is closely tied to a loss of turnover. In fact, the turnover potential that ends up in the spam folder each year has been estimated to be around three billion Euros in Germany alone. However, having messages erroneously classified as spam causes more harm than just these direct financial losses. When the sending address ends up on a blacklist, the reputation of the company and brand suffer along with turnover, including the company in question getting a negative rating as an email sender.

"Whether it's a newsletter, order confirmation, password change message, or status notification, the quick delivery of transactional emails plays a crucial role in the customer journey," says Roland Augustin, Vice President Global Marketing at Retarus. "Transactional emails sent in large volumes only reach their recipients if your sender reputation remains consistently high."

Your guide to high delivery rates

The Transactional Email experts at Retarus show you how to achieve precisely this in their Email Deliverability Guide. This how-to manual defines the most important terminology for email transmission, sheds some light on the reasons for spam classification and explains procedures such as DKIM and SPF. The 12-page document also contains a crystal-clear guide on how companies can boost the delivery rates of their emails, as well as providing tips for the ideal email design.

The Retarus Email Deliverability Guide is now available as a free download.

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Roland Augustin, Vice President Global Marketing of Retarus
Roland Augustin, Vice President Global Marketing of Retarus

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