10 Million+ Infatica's IPs are helping businesses work with data more efficiently

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Infatica reached another milestone: its network now has one million daily unique IPs and ten million monthly unique IPs.

Infatica is grateful to thier partners and customers who have joined them and thanks to whom Infatica is growing so rapidly. By reaching 1M daily unique IPs, Infatica significantly extended selection of locations, allowing clients to gather data with higher accuracy and better experience of data access. However, Infatica keeps its services affordable and the prices are still one of the best on the market. Everyone is welcome to try their increased pool of IP addresses by taking a 3-day free trial test before purchasing any plan and make sure that the service meets their needs.

Proxies are a key component of many data collection tools, SEO software, ad verification mechanisms, as well as custom web scraping solutions. But now, in the era of big data, even small companies are paying attention to automated data collection to keep up with competitors and stay afloat.

Infatica strives to provide products that help automate routine data-gathering processes, speed up the process of getting accurate information, free up employee's time for other tasks, and save resources. As the demand for automated data collection is constantly growing, Infatica's future plans now include supplying not only their wide range of proxies as part of a data collection engine, but out of the box solutions that allow every company to apply this powerful approach to grow their business.

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About Infatica

Infatica is a global proxy network that supplies customers with residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies. Infatica was originally designed for internal use by experienced engineers that have expertise in server hosting and network design. The functionality sprinkled with new features and the pull of the network was growing with the rising demand. Now it is a full-fledged product in demand, which continues to grow and is becoming more and more popular.

Infatica offers the following features:

    --  1M+ daily unique IPs and 10M+ monthly unique IPs
    --  20% lower average price compared to similar services
    --  3-day free trial test
    --  High ranking for Locations, Anonymity, Speed, Reliability, Connection
        success rate, Diversity indicators
    --  IP addresses pool is constantly growing
    --  Hourly rotation
    --  Friendly support

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