ACE Surgical Launches New Business Line Packaging 3D-Printed Nasal Swabs

ACE Surgical Supply Co., a premier dental surgical supply company, has partnered with EnvisionTec, a leading global provider of professional-grade 3D printing, to package and sterilize 3D-printed nasal swabs used for COVID-19 testing as part of a repurposing of the Company’s manufacturing capabilities.

As dentistry continues to recover from the pandemic, ACE Surgical is using its excess capacity and expertise to package and sterilize the 3D-printed nasal swabs included in coronavirus test kits. Founded in 1966, ACE Surgical is a manufacturer of dental implants, bone regenerative materials, and a variety of other dental surgical products. Since April, when ACE Surgical launched a new initiative packaging EnvisionTec’s 3D-printed nasal swabs, the Company has recalled its entire 15-member production team, reassigned and trained a team to work in the clean room, and created a roadmap for expansion that includes hiring new employees to meet the growing production demand.

Currently, the Company is processing nearly 50,000 testing swabs a day and is building capacity at its Brockton, MA, facility to package 1 million swabs a month. ACE expects to help provide millions of sterile nasal swabs to health care providers and municipalities that are desperately needed to test for the coronavirus. To date, several world-renowned hospitals and state municipalities are among those who have ordered the sterilized nasal swabs packaged by ACE.

“Following the American Dental Association’s guidance recommending that U.S dental practitioners suspend seeing patients for elective procedures, we knew that we had to quickly adapt our operations,” said Craig Carchidi, Chief Executive Officer of ACE Surgical. “Our entire team has embraced our effort to switch gears and package an essential medical tool that will aid the work of health care providers to implement proper testing and tracing of the COVID-19 virus. As we expand our swab production, we maintain our unwavering commitment to serve the dental-surgical community as a leading global provider of bone regenerative products and compatible dental implant systems.”

About ACE Surgical Supply Company

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