Converus Donating Lie Detector Tests to Law Enforcement to Screen for Possible Misconduct

LEHI, Utah, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tech company Converus will help identify cases of misconduct by giving 15 law enforcement agencies free use of EyeDetect to test job applicants or existing personnel about use of excessive force, domestic violence, or work-related discipline.

This free offer means agencies can administer as many EyeDetect tests as possible over a two-day period. Participating police departments or sheriff's offices must agree to certain terms and conditions.

The scientifically validated EyeDetect technology detects deception in 15-30 minutes with an 86-90% accuracy.

"Sadly, it only takes one tragic incident to end a life and severely damage the reputation of an otherwise honorable law enforcement agency," said Converus CEO Todd Mickelsen. "Many agencies have successfully used our advanced screening method to avoid hiring applicants with a history of disqualifying behavior."

Agencies can screen lateral transfers (personnel leaving one agency to join another) to determine if all previous activities have been disclosed.

"Using a thorough testing procedure is a great way to keep in compliance with any new legislation," said Mickelsen. "EyeDetect can validate the truthfulness related to complaints filed and build community trust."

A recent story indicates that officers with misconduct complaints -- excessive force, verbal abuse, or unlawful searches -- are more likely to engage in future misconduct.

The City of Kent Police Department in Washington has used EyeDetect since 2017. "EyeDetect helps us quickly identify the best candidates," said former Police Chief Ken Thomas.

Law enforcement agencies use EyeDetect to test various behaviors in a single test. Questions are customized to fit the agency's needs. Examples include:

    --  Have you ever been charged with misconduct?
    --  Have you ever been suspended, put on administrative leave or disciplined
        for cause?
    --  Have you ever committed domestic violence?

"EyeDetect helps make better decisions and identify trustworthy applicants," said Mickelsen. "Tests cost about one-third the price of a polygraph."

To learn more about the free test drive for law enforcement agencies, call (801) 331-8840 or visit

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Converus provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies. EyeDetect® detects deception at 86-90% accuracy in 15-30 minutes. It helps protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, crime and threats. Visit:

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