In the Age of Remote Working, No Distance is Too Far for Sales Coaching

WESTERVILLE, Ohio, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SalesFuel®, which has provided sales teams with the power to "Sell Smarter®" since 1989, announces the global launch of the next version of SalesFuel COACH, the developmental sales coaching solution. Released originally in April 2019, SalesFuel COACH has been upgraded for teams whose sales reps are in the office and working remotely worldwide. In fact, studies show remote workplaces will remain long after COVID-19, with Global Workplace Analytics estimating that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

Built on scientific assessments, SalesFuel COACH enables managers to recognize the specific areas of improvement for each rep and provides a continually-updated, personalized playbook for each member of their sales team. The assessments measure strengths and weaknesses in key areas, such as people skills, motivations, workplace behavior, decision-making skills, and of course, sales skills. The updated version of SalesFuel COACH now includes the following additions:

    --  Behavior Under Stress and related Coaching Tips
    --  Coachability scores
    --  Measurements of Empathy and Role Awareness

"The number one responsibility of a sales manager is to hire, coach and develop a high-performing sales team. In these times of business as unusual, when teams are dispersed and many people are working remotely, coaching and development can fall by the wayside," says C. Lee Smith, CEO at SalesFuel. "SalesFuel COACH gives sales managers a robust solution to not just maintain coaching of their sales reps but take it to the next level to drive their team's performance."

SalesFuel COACH streamlines individual sales coaching, eliminates blind spots managers have with their direct reports and improves the bottom line. It also helps to:

    --  Improve sales team success by up to 35%
    --  Reveal hidden strengths that empower each rep to sell more
    --  Maintain a consistent coaching cadence with remote and global reps

How Does SalesFuel® COACH Work?
Assessment and customized coaching strategies evolve with the ongoing performance of each sales rep through the following:

    --  Dynamic SalesFuel COACH Playbooks: A customized and continually updated
        personalized portal for each individual rep specifically designed for
        improving their sales skills, people skills, motivation, engagement, and
        team contribution. Managers are alerted to problem areas before they
        impact sales metrics.
    --  Personalized Weekly QuickCoaching(TM) Questions: Proprietary algorithms
        systematically prescribe weekly coaching questions based on each rep's
        greatest area of need. Responses can be completed in 2-3 minutes and are
        provided to sales managers for further discussion in their next 1:1 or
        stand-up meeting.
    --  Account-Based Coaching(TM): QuickCoaching content specifically tailored
        for high-priority sales targets that require extra attention from the
        manager and/or sales team.
    --  Next-Level 1:1 Meetings: Provides a single point of access for items for
        follow-up discussion; what each rep wants to improve upon; how they tend
        to learn, develop and perform best. COACH makes it easier to log, rate,
        review and document every 1:1 session.
    --  Communication Coaching: The platform advises managers on how they can
        communicate with each rep so they can be heard. It also improves
        communication from the rep to their manager or colleagues.

Available to SMEs and large corporations, SalesFuel COACH is sold as a subscription service and pricing scales based on the size of the sales team. The subscription also allows for unlimited SalesFuel HIRE assessments to encourage hiring managers to profile candidates before their first interview. Other providers charge per assessment, which limits use.

SalesFuel COACH can be fully integrated to work in conjunction with the most popular CRMs: Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot Sales CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Pipeliner and Zoho CRM.

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