Advanced Kiosks Deploys New Line of Body Temperature Sensing Kiosks

CONCORD, N.H., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Advanced Kiosks, an industry-leading supplier of computer self-service kiosks, has announced the newest addition to their product line. Responding to an increased demand for improved building access control resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Advanced Kiosks is releasing the Guardian kiosk.

The Concord, NH based company is continuing to expand its products and services to meet the demands of their customers. Already in 2020 they have expanded the hours of their technical support to 24/7, providing support to their customer base around the clock. They recently announced the addition of automated weekly reporting for their core ZAMOK(TM) Kiosk Management Software, delivering information about a customer's fleet of kiosks directly to their email inboxes.

There has been a sharp increase in the desire to reduce person to person interaction because of the COVID-19 situation. Meanwhile, many businesses want to open back up to their customers as soon as it is safe to do so. One of the arrows in the quiver of self-service kiosk solutions is a body temperature sensing kiosk that can read a person's temperature and trigger a warning if they are running a fever. Combined with facial recognition technology, this is a powerful solution for business owners.

"Many business owners are in a difficult position," says Jeff LeBlanc, director of User Experience at Advanced Kiosks. "While the safety of their employees and customers is paramount, they also need to look at how to provide their services to stay in business. A kiosk that determines if a visitor has an elevated body temperature is an amazing addition to the more traditional methods of building access control."

The Guardian kiosk uses advanced technology to read the temperature from a person's face, with an accuracy of less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature is over a predetermined threshold, an alert is sounded. Additionally, the kiosk uses an artificial intelligence system to analyze the face and see if the person is known to the kiosk, such as a company employee, providing a stronger level of access control than typical key card access methods. The facial recognition technology even works if the person is wearing a mask, and can in fact be configured to sound an alert if a mask is absent.

The Guardian is part of a full self-service automation solution that reflects the way business will be conducted in the wake of COVID-19. Additional offerings include kiosks to provide document scanning, wayfinding, queue management, and even remote video conferencing. All of these services come together to allow many vital services to be offered in ways that limit person-to-person contact.

Advanced Kiosk plans to start shipping units immediately. Early demand seems strong, with public spaces such as universities, restaurants, and hospitals expected to place the first orders.

Visit YouTube to see the Guardian in action. More information can be found at the Advanced Kiosks web site:

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Advanced Kiosks - one of the largest kiosk manufacturers in the ever-growing self-service kiosk market - is located in Concord, NH and has its tech doors open 24-7 for not only its own customers but the owners of computer kiosks from any kiosk manufacturer.

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