Appear TV Introduces Zero-latency intoPIX JPEG XS Technology in the X Platform

intoPIX is excited to announce that Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming has integrated the new JPEG XS codec in the X platform. Recently standardized at ISO JPEG as JPEG XS, the new codec offers best-in-class uncompressed quality for HDR & SDR content with an unmatched latency of less than 1 millisecond.

The Appear X platform is a dedicated highly customizable solution for video transport in networks, enhanced IP security and advanced compression specifically designed for remote production, contribution and distribution applications.

We are excited to announce the near zero-latency JPEG XS solution running on our X platform” said Carl Walter Holst, CEO Appear TV. “I am impressed with the engineering capabilities of the intoPIX R&D team to create and deliver this new JPEG XS standard. With the quality of uncompressed video, a sub 1ms latency video codec. There is no longer delays in contribution links for live production”.

“The Appear TV X platform is fantastic in terms of modularity and flexibility for video networking applications. We are happy to serve Appear TV and proud to be part of their successful deployment” said Gael Rouvroy, intoPIX CEO.

The two companies welcome everybody to contact their respective sales teams to sample the intoPIX JPEG XS solutions and the Appear TV X platform.

About Appear TV
Appear TV, based in Oslo, Norway, is dedicated to designing and producing world class equipment and solutions for the delivery of professional video services. The company’s mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video distribution. Appear works closely with its customers to ensure that they are at the forefront of technology and at the same time offer user friendly products.
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About intoPIX
intoPIX is a leading technology provider of innovative compression, image processing and security solutions. We deliver unique FPGA/ASIC IP cores and efficient software solution (on CPU & GPU) to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power and simplify connectivity. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience. Our solutions enable the Broadcast industry to build new bandwidth-efficient live production workflows, reducing operating costs in HD, 4K or even 8K, replacing uncompressed video, enabling remote production and preserving always the lowest latency and the highest quality.
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