IpVenture Presents Semi-Private-Cubicle Airline Seats in the Wake of Covid-19

There’s no getting around it: Covid-19 has changed our lives. How we interact, do business, and travel. Airlines in particular are looking at a dismal future. Despite new safety protocols such as temperature checks, capped seating, and face masks, people are scared to travel. It could take years for the industry to regain that trust. Passenger demand is down a staggering 95 percent from last year, which will likely leave the world’s air carriers down more than half their revenue for 2020.

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Innovative Semi-Private-Cubicle Airline Seats (Photo: Business Wire)

Innovative Semi-Private-Cubicle Airline Seats (Photo: Business Wire)

To regain confidence in the airline industry, changes must be made. Some suggest leaving middle seats empty, but this provides insufficient social distancing, and can do more harm than good for airlines, as passengers still prioritize pricing above all else. Others suggest rotating middle seats to face the other way with added partitions, but this could take more room than expected and still leave passengers facing those in the next row. Is there a proper, cost-effective way not only to protect passengers, but also quickly earn back trust and revenue?

IpVenture presents innovative solutions to these concerns and more with its staggered seating: arrangements that simultaneously promote proper hygiene in the wake of Covid-19 and create more premium space in the cabin by creatively using the space above the passengers.

With the designs, passengers would have semi-private cubicles, significantly increasing comfort, privacy, and accessibility. They can maintain the overall coach seating capacity, provide individual arm rests and more leg room, and increase seat incline to a 45-degree angle.

Rows of seats are set at angles. Seats have their partitions to create individual semi-private cubicles. Attendants can serve passengers, and passengers can access their seats, both without pushing past others. For more illustrations, visit the IpVenture website.

With these innovations, passengers will be far better protected from airborne pathogens, even as coach returns to full capacity. IpVenture has designed this staggered seating to fit inside standard-size fuselages.

Covid-19 has slowed the world down, but it doesn’t need to stop us. The answers to these challenges lie, as always, in innovation and cooperation. With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture strives to provide market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies. Visit IpVenture.com to learn more.