Success Story: Infiniti Research Uses Inventory Management Solutions to Help a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Reduce Overhead Costs and Achieve Huge Savings

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Inventory Management Solutions for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Graphic: Business Wire)

Inventory Management Solutions for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Graphic: Business Wire)

Engagement Overview:

Our client is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company based out of Italy. Due to a lack of visibility into the supply chain, the client found it difficult to track-and-trace goods. This increased the likelihood of drug shortages and put profit margins under pressure as costs increased throughout the supply chain network. With an added lack of access to timely and accurate, the client found it difficult to synchronize supply and demand. The client, therefore, approached Infiniti’s experts to tackle supply chain challenges by leveraging our inventory management solutions.

Other key objectives of the engagement were:

  • Objective 1: To reduce contamination risks and improve transportation
  • Objective 2: To meet the demands of the rising population

“Although the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market has been experiencing positive growth over these years, to succeed in the long-run, companies need to reduce costs, increase agility, and address supply chain challenges,” says a pharmaceutical industry market research expert at Infiniti Research.

For pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, improved speed to market, visibility into the supply chain, and reduced costs are crucial. To learn how inventory management solutions can help a pharmaceutical manufacturing company meet these demands, request more info here.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s research experts recommended inventory management solution to the pharmaceutical manufacturing market client. This involved designing, planning, and monitoring supply chain activities of the client. As well as, designing strategic supply chain management, forecasting drug demand, and planning outsourcing and distribution. Using demand management study, the experts also helped the client align inventory levels according to demand. By conducting supply and demand analysis, the experts helped the client achieve the financial and service objectives of the enterprise.

Business impact of the inventory management solution for the pharmaceutical manufacturing company:

With Infiniti’s inventory management solution, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company was able to increase visibility into their supply chain and manage supply chain activities more efficiently. Also, the solution enabled the client to reduce the likelihood of drug shortages, and improve communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors.

By leveraging Infiniti’s inventory management solutions, the client was also able to:

  • Leverage cold chain shipping and reduce contamination
  • Implement backup plans, and prevent further delays
  • Reduce overhead costs by optimizing their warehouse layout
  • Improve productivity and implement better inventory management
  • Reduce overhead costs by 32% and achieve huge savings in profit margins

Although the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market has seen growth recently, there are many challenges to deal with at all times. Infiniti’s inventory management solutions can help companies meet the rapidly evolving demands of the industry. Request a FREE proposal to achieve your objectives.

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