Enhancing Operations and Savings for a Pharma Secondary Packaging Market Client | Impact of Infiniti Research’s Competitive Intelligence Solutions

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Competitive Intelligence Solutions for a Pharmaceutical Secondary Packaging Market Client (Graphic: Business Wire)

Competitive Intelligence Solutions for a Pharmaceutical Secondary Packaging Market Client (Graphic: Business Wire)

Pharma secondary packaging is becoming widely adopted and essential as they offer critical functionalities, such as, for physical and barrier protection, secondary containment, adherence to regulations, and consumer safety,” says an industry expert at Infiniti Research. For more insights into our solutions portfolio, request more information.

Business Challenge:

The client is a prominent pharmaceutical company based out of San Francisco, CA. They sought to gain a better understanding of the major design/technology innovations and best practices most used by leading players in the pharma secondary packaging market. Aiming to efficiently plan for and support their future packaging developments and track industry trends over time. Using Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the company wanted to understand the competitor landscape in the US and European pharma secondary packaging market. As well as new features, product portfolio descriptions, and competitor strategies to promote adherence.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s research experts delved into the transformation of the pharma secondary packaging market over the past decade, which involved a combination of primary and secondary research. The approach employed by our research experts consisted of:

  • Interviews with professionals from various branches within the pharma secondary packaging market were conducted, including pharmaceutical packaging experts and developers.
  • In-depth secondary research by gathering comprehensive information from various company websites and industry news platforms.
  • Competitive intelligence study and research methodologies helped the experts identify the top pharma secondary packaging designs used predominantly.
  • Competitor landscape assessment helped identify key competitors in the US and Europe, as well as packaging and promotion adherence initiatives.
  • Infiniti’s experts also identified innovative technologies, to focus on customer satisfaction. They also advised that the client adopt robotics and process automation to reduce costs and enhance safety.

Business Outcome:

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client successfully tracked their key competitors and identified the most viable trends in the pharma secondary packaging market. They were also able to increase investment by adopting technologies which resulted in fewer errors, faster turn-around time, and more. They were able to collaborate with the CPO to formulate innovative packaging designs which are safe and offer unique dispensing mechanisms.

More such outcomes that the pharma secondary packaging market client achieved are listed below:

  • Reduced operational cost by 30% within the first quarter
  • Focused on packaging designs that are cost-effective and have a shorter production turn-around time
  • Built effective planning to minimize errors, and prevent recalls
  • Saved the company over $1.2 million within six months

Infiniti’s research experts are equipped with the expertise and skill set to provide effective and strategic, actionable solutions to pharma secondary packaging market clients. Request a free proposal for comprehensive market-specific insights.

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