Remitter Announces Strategic Partnership with Maxwell and Graves Solutions (M&G Solutions) for the Canada market

PHOENIX, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Remitter International Inc today announced its expansion into the Canadian marketplace to bolster its presence across North America with strategic partner M&G Solutions. Remitter, ARM industry's leader in AI powered digital contact solutions helps lenders and BPOs optimize customer engagement and maximize revenue. Rapid growth is expected as M&G Solutions leverages its strong relationships with Canadian companies in need of Remitter's offering.

"The Remitter platform gives lenders digital scalability for their omnichannel contact solutions strategies, and gives consumers frictionless self service delivery; both demands that continue to increase," said Brad Bone, M&G Solutions Partner. "Over the past year we have been pleased to work with the Remitter USA team and are excited by their ongoing partnership as we are entrusted to champion the brand in Canada and assist financial service institutions with the implementation of best practices into existing strategies."

This partnership will bring together M&G's highly respected expertise in collections and operations and Remitter's award winning technology delivering clients a best in class solution.

"M&G Solutions expertise in receivable management has played a vital role in the U.S market for us and has been an exciting addition to the Remitter team. M&G Solutions brings years of experience in supporting collection strategies for a diverse range of financial services companies and we are excited to continue this partnership to achieve our aggressive growth initiatives," said Simon Scalzo, Remitter's Founder.

About Remitter USA Inc.
Remitter?is an AI powered digital platform employed to optimize customer engagement and maximize revenue. This mobile first communication (text and email) platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver frictionless, adaptive customer experiences to consumers in financial services, utilities, telco and healthcare. At the core of Remitter's success is its proven ability to lift performance using predictive and heuristic behavioural data to provide consumers with personalized experiences.

About Maxwell & Graves Solutions, LLC
M&G Solutions is an industry leading consulting firm with expertise delivering world class operational performance and execution in the financial lending space. M&G Solutions combines years of first-hand experience working for Fortune 500 and other innovative companies within financial service, BPO and Fintech industries to help our clients identify, deliver and sustain the necessary enhancements to drive their business.

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