Digital Asset Liquidity Pool WOOTRADE Upgrades to 2.0

TAIPEI, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WOOTRADE, Inc. today announced its upgrade to version 2.0, improving the scalability and accessibility for institutional clients. The new version will also soon provide even better liquidity and execution prices by adopting flow trading strategies from its partner, Kronos Research.

"After more than six months of live operation and continuous development, we are happy to announce WOOTRADE 1.0 has successfully upgraded to version 2.0," said Jack Tan, WOOTRADE'S co-founder. Since the release of WOOTRADE 1.0 last year, over 65,000 end users have used their trading depth through partner exchanges. The daily trading volume of WOOTRADE has increased rapidly and they are aiming for exponential growth. "After WOOTRADE 1.0 went live, market demand exceeded our expectations. To ensure our systems could meet the new demand, onboarding was delayed until now."

WOOTRADE's near term steps are providing users with capital leverage to improve efficiency and launching futures products.

WOOTRADE is an Alternative Trading System (ATS) incubated by Kronos Research and provides clients zero-fee trading and around-the-clock liquidity unparalleled by others. WOOTRADE does this by incentivizing alpha-based market-making teams to provide their best available prices. It generally provides a depth of 100+ BTC within a spread of 0.2%.

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