O.P. Almaraz and Allied Restoration are (Literally) Writing the Book on COVID-19 Clean-Up

WEST COVINA, Calif., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With more than 26 years of experience in restoration, decontamination and disinfection of bio-hazards, Allied Restoration has expanded its service to assist in cleaning, planning and deploying rapid response for COVID-19, becoming the preeminent expert in virus-related mitigation in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties.

Responding quickly to emerging pandemic needs, in March of 2020 Allied Restoration Founder and President, O.P. Almaraz invested in having 22 of his lead staff certified with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which included extensive training in decontaminating properties from bacteria and viruses such as Ebola, types of norovirus, MRSA and similar strains to COVID-19.

"In Southern California, in particular, disasters come in many forms," noted Almaraz who was recently featured as a TEDx speaker and has a book coming out this September, titled Your Safe & Healthy Home: How to protect your family and get peace of mind in the new normal. "I see it as my duty to become an expert on any crisis affecting my community, both large and small, and sharing that information with anyone who needs it."

Since March, Allied Restoration staffing has grown to 50 people. Teams are working around the clock to help decontaminate and disinfect homes and businesses such as industrial warehouses, nursing homes, churches, schools and other mass gathering areas. Allied teams use full PPE protocols and apply industrial grade and EPA approved products disinfectants and technology in this fight against the pandemic.

Almaraz is also giving away his training and knowledge, by including a number of helpful resources on his company's website, like COVID-19: 10 Things Your Business Must to Do to Survive This Pandemic. Allied not only provides cleaning services, they instruct owners, estate and property managers and/or contracted operators on how to adhere to standards with ongoing maintenance and clean-up.

"My bottom line is ensuring people stay safe as possible from this virus," added Almaraz. "I take people from crisis to competence. I don't want safety to be limited to our service, instead guided by it, that the principles we adhere to continue to protect the people within that space."

Allied Restoration is providing free estimates to all homeowners and businesses that have been affected by the Coronavirus.

For more information, go to: AlliedRestore.com or check out this YouTube video.

About O.P. Almaraz
A child of Mexican immigrants with strong work principles, Almaraz was raised on government cheese and food stamps. Poverty was a backdrop of his youth, giving the impetus to Almaraz's entrepreneurism. Right out of high school, he found an opportunity in construction and immersed himself in the business. Climbing the corporate ladder, from sales estimator to Vice President, to business owner, Almaraz soon established significant success.

About Allied Restoration
Allied Restoration is a water damage, fire restoration, mold removal, virus disinfection, and construction company. They are known for their 21-point inspection that exposes potential threats to their client's properties and focuses on keeping families safe. They are committed to providing the best disaster restoration experience possible, working closely with insurance agents, brokers, adjusters, and clients to make sure the restoration process follows Allied's white-glove service to all customers. Allied Restoration's customer service reputation and its focus on discretion and privacy have earned them the trust of countless celebrities and ultra-high net worth individuals.

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