Sogou Ranks Top in DNS Challenge at Interspeech 2020

BEIJING, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sogou Inc. (NYSE:SOGO) ("Sogou" or "the Company"), an innovator in search and a leader in China's internet industry, recently scores big wins partnering with Norhtwestern Polytechnical University, China in the Deep Noise Suppression (DNS) Challenge at Interspeech 2020.

As the world's largest technical conference focused on speech processing and application, Interspeech 2020 enjoys extensive attention from industry authorities. The DNS Challenge hosted by Microsoft aims to maximize the perceptual quality and intelligibility of the enhanced speech, which has attracted both industry giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Sony as well as top research institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University, Seoul National University and University of Science and Technology of China.

Sogou's AI Interaction Division cooperates with Audio, Speech and Language Processing Group at Northwestern Polytechnical University (ASLP@NPU), China in this year's DNS Challenge and beats Amazon by 0.03 MOS, winning first in Real-time track. The joint research paper DCCRN: Deep Complex Convolution Recurrent Network for Phase-Aware Speech Enhancement has also been accepted by Interspeech 2020 and will be shared at the conference.

The secret behind the winning is the leverage of Deep Complex Convolution Recurrent Network (DCCRN) in speech enhancement process, which performs better than traditional real-valued convolution in noise suppression. Compared to a traditional real-valued neural network, complex convolution network uses complex multiplication which effectively improves the modeling of real and imaginary parts. The recent research on DCCRN network structure will be further adopted in Sogou's product roadmap.

Speech enhancement technology aims at reducing environmental noise and improving speech quality thus has a wide range of applications. Sogou S1, a premium AI-powered smart recorder features its proprietary PureVoice noise-canceling technology that can eliminate up to 40,000 types of unwanted noises to ensure recording quality. S1 can also convert audio to text at high speed with an accuracy rate of 98%, making it the top-notch AI products on the market. As the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the globe and more people are working remotely, conference calls with better noise reduction and voice enhancement will also be in high demand.

Sogou has always attached great importance on the development of spoken language processing, with continuous effort on strengthening our investment and exploration in cutting-edge AI technologies. In the future, Sogou will expand its effort in speech recognition frontiers and offer the benefits to its industry partners and users.

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