Lubrizol Advanced Materials Introduces freezemaster™ Antifreeze For Sprinkler Systems

New and existing fire sprinkler systems now have freeze protection against costly corrosion and severe cold at the lowest temperature of any listed antifreeze meeting the requirements of UL 2901, “Standard for Antifreeze Solutions for Use in Fire Sprinkler Systems.”

Lubrizol Advanced Materials announces freezemaster™ antifreeze, a patent pending factory premixed solution which remains in a protective liquid state to -12°F (-24°C). It can be installed per its listing and serviced in all new and existing fire sprinkler systems for Residential, Light Hazard, Ordinary Hazard and Storage applications, including at volumes up to 500 gallons for Unoccupied NFPA 13 and 13R Light Hazard Attics versus listed alternatives limited to 40 gallons.*

NFPA standards require that glycerin and propylene glycol antifreeze solutions used in existing wet sprinkler systems be replaced with a listed antifreeze solution by September 30, 2022. Since 2013, all new systems using antifreeze must use a listed product that also has corrosion resistance properties to protect metallic sprinklers against premature degradation and possible system failure.

“Lubrizol Advanced Materials precisely formulated freezemaster™ antifreeze to deliver critical reliability for businesses and assure the safety of their customers and property,” said Mark Knurek, National Sales Manager – North America, Lubrizol Advanced Materials. “freezemaster™ antifreeze answers the need of contractors, AHJs, facility managers and building owners alike to address the life safety issues associated with antifreeze use.”

Knurek added that freezemaster™ antifreeze has corrosion resistance properties that outperform the other listed alternative in significant and measurable ways. Building on its extensive expertise in metallurgy, Lubrizol performed a series of corrosion tests in addition to those required by UL that demonstrated the superior anti-corrosion performance of freezemaster™ antifreeze. The extra protection covers both typical corrosion and a particular form that has been plaguing the fire sprinkler industry known as microbiologically influenced corrosion, or MIC.

Safety concerns over combustion risks when sprinkler systems activate in a fire led NFPA to regulate antifreeze and mandate that it be listed. Products must be premixed and remain in a protective liquid state at below-freezing temperatures.

freezemaster™ antifreeze is formulated and manufactured in the U.S. by Lubrizol Advanced Materials, a specialty chemical company supporting the fire industry for more than 30 years, and made widely available by Lubrizol’s trusted fire protection business partner, Viking® SupplyNet. It is a part of the Lubrizol FBC™ System Compatible Program. For more information about freezemaster™ antifreeze, visit

*Refer to the freezemasterTM antifreeze Installation Guide for design parameters and listing limitations.

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