Wireless Innovation Forum Projects and Initiatives, including the CBRS Band and beyond, highlighted in FY2021 Operations Plan

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) today announced membership approval of its 2021 Operations plan. The WInnForum Board of Directors has established several high-level objectives for the Forum for the period from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 to execute on the Forum's Strategic Plan.

Objectives are supported through projects undertaken by the Advanced Technology Committee (ATC), 6 GHz Committee (6GHz), Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC) and the Software Defined Systems Committee (SDS). Multiple Reports, Recommendations and Specifications for use by the advanced wireless community will be produced as a result (http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/reports-recommendations-and-specifications).

6GHz objectives include establishing a liaison agreement with the Wi-Fi Alliance and other stakeholder groups, creating technical documents consistent with the FCC Report and Order and collaborating on the development of requirements and procedures regarding interference reporting and remediation, and identifying Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) requirements for incumbent protection.

In addition to initiating a new project in the coming year, the ATC will prioritize the creation of a watch list that outlines strategic projects in support of the Forum's Advocacy Agenda, Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations and the Forum's Platform Strategy.

The SDS will deliver output on multiple projects, including a Harmonized Timing Service API, Transceiver Facility API PSMs, Tactical Communications Standards, and more.

SSC working group goals include developing CBRS Release 2 standards and requirements allowing the CBRS community to advance the capabilities and features of SAS, CBSDs, and related ecosystem components, maintaining Release 1 specifications in alignment with requirements and test specifications, and completing support certification.

Through these projects, Forum members will develop multiple reports, recommendations and specifications that will be added to a comprehensive document library: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/reports-recommendations-and-specifications.

The Operations Plan can be downloaded here: https://www.wirelessinnovation.org/assets/documents/WINNF_FY2021_Operations_Plan%20-%20Approved%20-%20Public.pdf.

About the Wireless Innovation Forum
Established in 1996, the Wireless Innovation Forum(TM) comprises an international group of equipment vendors, subsystem vendors, software developers, technology developers, communication service providers, research and engineering organizations, academic institutions, government users, regulators and others who share the common business interests of advancing technologies supporting the innovative utilization of spectrum and the development of wireless communications systems, including essential or critical communications systems. www.WirelessInnovation.org. Forum projects are supported by platinum sponsors Google, Motorola Solutions, and Thales.

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