Frontier Technologies Identifies New Vulnerability for Data Breach Among Building Systems and a Solution for Managing the Risk

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sixty percent of successful breaches are initiated through building systems like surveillance recording cameras, business systems, HVAC, elevators, and other IoT devices. Today's workplaces are typically equipped with numerous devices that are connected to the internet, creating an attractive surface for hackers. Cyber criminals use these devices as a back door to access interior domains.

In addition, gaps between internal departments who handle different elements of building systems create an even higher risk for attacks. While IT & Cybersecurity departments understand the risks, it falls on the Facilities department to drive demand for building systems, and Procurement to manage the supplier requirements. A lack of communication and cohesiveness between these departments creates a greater opportunity for vulnerabilities.

Frontier Technologies has identified a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap between traditional IT and building system cybersecurity. Our custom approach, SYSTEMS SECURE, which is of no cost to clients, evaluates building systems supply chain risks and contractually obligates your vendors to conform to cybersecurity measures. This proven method has been validated by 80+ Chief Information Officers from some of the world's top organizations like Harvard and Google.

Building systems suppliers should share responsibility for building systems security. We help organizations enforce this approach through Systems Secure.

How do you manage the risk for your organization? FTI is currently offering consultations with our Executive Director of Business Development, Gina Howard, by calling 281-203-2468 or via email

    --  FTI has identified a solution for managing cybersecurity breaches
        through building systems
    --  Our custom approach is of no cost to clients
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