The Top Health and Spiritual Benefits of Prayer and Meditation, According to Prayer App PLinXs

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Prayer and meditation have been thoroughly researched to show a number of benefits for health in addition to spirituality.

For example, in one study using meditation, participants reported 40% lower pain intensity and reduced unpleasantness by 57% compared to the group that was not exposed to the practice.

PLinXs, an app that connects individuals through prayer, outlined 14 spiritual, health and mental health benefits of prayer and meditation confirmed by scientific research and/or great minds across cultures.

The top spiritual benefits of meditation and prayer include:

1. Soothe and strengthen the mind to focus, think clearly and remain calm in the face of stressful events
2. Help overcome judgement and prejudice by learning patience, acceptance and unconditional love
3. Develop a clearer sense of self through introspection and reflection
4. Deepen interpersonal connections through increased empathy and compassion
5. Deepen environmental consciousness through teachings of oneness and increased awareness to surroundings

The top health benefits of prayer include the possibility to:

1. Stabilize heart rate
2. Reduce blood pressure and hypertension
3. Decrease sensitivity to pain
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Decelerate aging and prolong lifespan by lengthening telomeres

The top mental health benefits of prayer include the capability to:

1. Increase ability to focus, stabilizing conditions like ADHD
2. Build or restore self-esteem and promote constructive behavioral patterns
3. Control memory loss, potentially decreasing the symptoms of Alzheimer's and similar conditions
4. Effectively contribute to treating depression, eating disorders and even psychosis, as suggested by some studies

Science has shown links between spiritual practices and physical as well as mental health, but a lot of these studies are still pending conclusive results before they are introduced in mainstream healing.

The benefits of spiritual practices remain in the domain of personal experience, meaning how an individual embraces them will largely determine the effects they produce.

Consistent dedication to spiritual practices is more likely to yield significant, long-term benefits.

About PLinXs:

PLinXs is a mobile application designed to enhance individual and collective spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.

It allows individual and group prayers to be logged, managed, shared and acknowledged.

PLinXs is now open for pre-registration.