Prelude and Nvoicepay Partnership Brings Streamlined Payment Automation to Insurance Companies and Hospitals

BOSTON and PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Prelude and Nvoicepay have announced their partnership, which will bring streamlined payment services to the insurance and healthcare industries. This partnership will enhance the payment process for clients, creating a seamless and simplified experience.

Prelude Software blends communications between ERPs to each client's specific needs. They support companies with unique accounting systems and encourage them to take control of outdated processes. Prelude's PayPilot® Disbursement Hub's flexibility enables customers to add seamless, integral, and well-designed capabilities to their back-office procedures. PayPilot enables users to remain in their core system while it transacts end-to-end from behind the scenes. All data is transmitted seamlessly, including the explanation of payments, attachments on the outbound, and status on the return. Comprehensive, optimal customer service is provided in the way of payment status updates and a payee self-service portal, which streamlines the payment process and invokes flexibility.

Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, brings easy-to-deploy payment automation to back offices across the United States. With their dynamic supplier data maintenance and payment software, Nvoicepay securely stores and maintains supplier data on their customer's behalf. They mitigate the risk of fraud by indemnifying all payments that issue through their system. By removing mundane, manual tasks from AP's workload, companies can improve their operational efficiencies.

"Prelude has a proven reputation for delivering superior technology and customer service. We pride ourselves on providing our clients' easy-to-apply capabilities, both natively and with strategic partners, we've vetted and endorse. It is not something we take lightly," said Steve Root, President of Prelude Software. "Nvoicepay is the perfect partner to allow us to offer business-to-business payment options and ancillary processing".

"Nvoicepay strives to create flexible online environments for our customers and Prelude follows a similar approach," said Josh Cyphers, President of Nvoicepay. "We're thrilled to partner with Prelude and combine our efforts to support insurance businesses as they strive to bring automation into their back-office processes."

Sign up to join Prelude and Nvoicepay's webcast on Wednesday, October 28th at 10 a.m. PT, for a discussion about the need for payment automation in the insurance industry.

About Prelude:
Prelude Software is a leading provider of enterprise-wide disbursement solutions for insurance companies and hospitals. Its industry-renowned PayPilot® solution extends the life and capabilities of clients' existing infrastructure by interfacing with their siloed source systems. As an example, PayPilot enables the workflows of claims, policy, and finance to centralize, streamline, and increase the security and control of the payment process. Whether through proactive, strategic ERP partnerships or first-time implementations, Prelude has over 30 years of experience interfacing with everything a client has required. PayPilot provides a single, universal platform with 21st century capabilities for processing, issuing, reporting, and reconciling payments. PayPilot helps companies stay compliant and facilitates data synchronization across their enterprise. PayPilot enables payee choice via its PayPilot Payee Portal, allowing payees to select their favored method of payment, providing fast, secure payments the way your payees want to get paid.

About Nvoicepay:
Nvoicepay transforms the way firms pay their domestic and international suppliers. For over 500 customers across 2,700 entities, the company optimizes electronic invoice payments for enterprises with intuitive cloud-based software and comprehensive services. Only Nvoicepay offers an intelligence-driven payment automation solution purpose-built for the most complex firms. By automating all payments, finance teams win through dynamic supplier activation, superior supplier services, and remarkable results, unlocking value in the payments process. Learn more at and on Twitter at @Nvoicepay.

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