Online Cannabis Industry Giant Launches Innovative "CBD/Dispensary Near Me" Locator

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned cannabis industry website has announced the launch of an interactive online tool that instantly searches and locates global cannabis dispensaries and CBD stores according to a user's specific geographic location. The "Dispensary Near Me Locator" is available now for free on the official WayofLeaf site.

Given the varying legal status of cannabis in states across the USA -- as well as globally -- such an interactive search tool will offer tremendous benefit for thousands of individuals looking to find trusted, reliable cannabis and CBD stores in close proximity to their specific location.

"This has been a long time coming," says WayofLeaf Senior Editor Nicole Richter. "We saw a huge need for a simple, easy-to-use online search tool that quickly locates both cannabis dispensaries and CBD stores in a person's immediate geographic area. This will exponentially improve a person's ability to quickly find reputable, high-quality cannabis products near them."

The innovate Store Locator tool utilizes a continuously-updated database of tens of thousands of cannabis-specific retail locations globally. This includes locations such as medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational (adult-use) dispensaries, and CBD-specific stores that specialize in accessible, hemp-derived CBD products.

"We've designed the tool in a way that, no matter where a person is on the planet, they can search and locate stores literally within seconds that stock reputable cannabis and CBD products," Richter says.

The tool allows users to locate and filter stores within 5-30 miles of their current location, and, according to Richter, it is equally as effective for folks living in rural areas as it is for people living in major cities.

"Whether you're in Paris, Denver, New York City, Amsterdam, or some tiny little town in rural Iowa," she claims, "the Store Locator will tell you what's around and what's open."

Of course, individuals will still need to be responsible for knowing and understanding cannabis laws and regulations in their specific location. Many dispensaries, for example, operate under a medical-only policy and require proof of a valid Medical Marijuana Card for entry.

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