Health Supply US Delivers American Made PPE to Strategic National Stockpile to Fight COVID-19

Health Supply US (HSUS) today announced it began deliveries of 100% American-made isolation gowns to the United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), kicking off a year-long contract to manufacture gowns that will be used in the fight against COVID-19 and future needs. HSUS is working with Dow (NYSE: DOW) to produce up to 35 million Berry Amendment-compliant gowns that will contribute to the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic through the Strategic National Stockpile.

The gowns—which meet stringent quality and safety standards as set by the DLA—will proudly be manufactured in the U.S. and create or support more than 1,000 jobs across nine factories in five states. These manufacturing partners include two small businesses and two women-owned businesses. As part of HSUS’ commitment to domestic manufacturing, the company has directly invested in the equipment needed by these manufacturers to produce high-quality PPE. The contract will be fulfilled through September 2021.

HSUS CEO Christopher Garcia said in response to the contract award, “Health Supply US is honored to contribute to the United States’ ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This contract is the result of our tireless efforts to secure a supply chain for critical PPE in the United States. We’re thrilled that, through this contract, we can create and support more than 1,000 American manufacturing related jobs. We’re confident that this is just the start of our contribution to the pandemic response and in bringing jobs back to the United States.”

Michelle Boven, global marketing director for Health & Hygiene at Dow said, “We are proud to provide the materials and expertise needed to help increase the supply of PPE both now and into the future. Dow’s material science expertise and the products we produce are fundamental to the many types of PPE supplies that are important for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re proud to contribute towards the domestic supply chain for these critical tools.”

Supporting the production efforts with their PPE, development and production expertise, is Gerber Technology, the Connecticut-based global industry leader in Flexible Materials based product development and automation solutions. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Gerber has assisted approximately 1,700 companies globally in retooling their operations to PPE production. Says Karsten Newbury, Chief Strategy Officer of Gerber and Lead of their PPE Task Force: “We are extremely proud to provide our consulting input to HSUS and their network of domestic partner factories for this critical project to support the US Strategic National Stockpile while creating US-based manufacturing jobs.”

HSUS—a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and consumables—is committed along with their partners to secure a domestic supply chain for the PPE needed by our health care heroes as they combat the current COVID-19 pandemic. Like other strategic materials—such as steel and critical minerals—access to PPE is a matter of national security. For this reason, HSUS is making long-term investments in domestic manufacturing and supply chains to achieve self-sufficiency and reduce our dependence on imports.

In addition, HSUS believes in the strength and resilience of American manufacturing, and is committed to bringing back American manufacturing and creating new economic opportunities. The company will continue to work towards the goal of ramping up PPE production in the United States—while providing good jobs for Americans.


Health Supply US, LLC (HSUS) is a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and consumables to public and private hospital networks, corporations, educational institutions and federal, state and local governments. Through rigorous research and due diligence, Health Supply US sources and manufactures finished products to supply the safest, most effective equipment for front line healthcare workers and other government personnel. Health Supply succeeds especially in times when the supply chain is strained so that workers can focus on what they do best: caring for and saving American lives.


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