New Epson RC+ Development Software Release, Two IntelliFlex Feeder Solutions and Add On Instruction Set Facilitate Seamless Robotic Integration

CARSON, Calif., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Robotic automation continues to be a dominant growth area for manufacturing with applications ranging from simple deployments to complex environments that require high levels of speed and precision. To address these evolving market requirements, Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, today announced at PACK EXPO Connects major updates to the Epson RC+(®) 7.0 development software. This latest update (version 7.5.0) expands the award-winning IntelliFlex((TM)) Parts Feeding lineup to include the new IntelliFlex 80 and 380 Feeders, as well as the release of Add On Instructions for users of Allen Bradley(®) PLC platforms to program and control Epson robots(1). These new solutions are available from Epson and authorized partners today.

Epson RC+ 7.5.0 helps push forward the standard in simplified automated robot solutions using Epson's lineup of award-winning SCARA and 6-Axis robots. An advanced suite of software designed to help users quickly and easily implement automated robot solutions, Epson RC+ 7.5.0 offers a powerful set of tools and features that redefine automation efficiency. A comprehensive solution for virtually any application, Epson RC+ provides seamless integration, allowing all components to work together in one integrated environment.

"Epson RC+7.5.0 addresses two distinct automation trends -- high-mix, low-volume parts feeding with IntelliFlex 80 and 380, and growth in PLC adoption with Add On Instructions," said Rick Brookshire, director of product management for Epson Robots. "At Epson Robots, we are continually improving our development software to address these evolving market requirements, helping to set the standard for simplified automated robot solutions."

Powered by Epson Robots IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide, the IntelliFlex Feeding System delivers a simplistic feeding solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts ranging from 3 mm to 150 mm. The new IntelliFlex 80 and 380 expands the IntelliFlex portfolio to 4 feeders with parts support from 3-15mm and 15-60mm, respectively. Integrated with Epson RC+ development software, the solution offers easy setup and configuration. A point-and-click interface helps reduce the typical development time required for flexible feeding applications. Smart auto-tuning automatically adjusts the feeder parameters for new parts setup, and multi-axis vibration technology provides optimized parts control and singulation.

Epson Add On Instructions allow Allen Bradley PLC users to seamlessly integrate Epson robots for everything from simple pick-and-place tasks to even more complex tasks using the PLC programming environment they are already familiar with. Add On Instructions feature a rich set of commands that enable robot motion and system setup -- all within the native PLC language, so no additional robot-specific programming training is required. Ideal for regulated industries, these instructions enable users to reuse commands and create instruction signatures. With a single point of control, companies can simplify tracking, training and commissioning. Compatible with Epson's full line of SCARA and 6-Axis robots, Add On Instructions help make controlled automation easier.

"Every customer wants something different," said Victor Ferrell, president at Dynamic Control and Automation, an Epson Robots AutomateElite(SM) System Integrator. "Add On Instructions will allow us to integrate robots while enabling a single point of control via PLC. By standardizing on a single controls system approach, we believe we can better predict the hours and scope of a project, and it has the potential to lower overall project cost and delivery timeline due to reoccurring engineering over time."

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(1)For Allen Bradley PLC-based programming
(2) Epson internal sales data through 2020.

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