StudyKIK Announces Patient Recruitment, Telemedicine, eConsent, & ePro Mobile Retention Applications Under a Single, Site-Focused Technology Platform

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- StudyKIK, a clinical trial patient recruitment and retention technology company that is focused on decreasing enrollment timelines, announced today the interconnectivity of their complete technology platform. This platform includes a complete patient recruitment management interface that is connected with eConsent, telemedicine, and ePro mobile patient retention applications. The connection of all these technologies is the first of its kind, which allows StudyKIK to offer pharmaceutical companies a seamless solution that interconnects recruitment to services needed for study completion. Historically, patient recruitment providers have been completely separated from other eConsent and ePro providers which creates a more difficult user experience and a cumbersome workflow for research sites. StudyKIK's solution solves this problem.

StudyKIK's President & CEO Matt Miller stated,
"There are so many variables which factor into the successful enrollment of a clinical trial. To date, patient recruitment services have been largely disconnected from the rest of the necessary services for trial retention and reporting. StudyKIK's solution offers sponsors the ability to provide the most comprehensive technology platform to their chosen sites and track all the essential data through their StudyKIK-provided management system. StudyKIK will continue to develop research site-focused solutions, which support sponsors, in the most productive way possible."

The clinical trial industry is seeing an overwhelming backlog of studies that need to be enrolled, and vast acceptance of remote trial technologies serves as an efficient pathway forward. StudyKIK's solution not only provides a recruitment interface, but also telemedicine video calls, eConsent for both remote and in-office visits, and ePro retention applications designed with ease-of-use for research sites in mind. Thousands of hours of research and development have been attributed to this sophisticated platform.

More about StudyKIK:
StudyKIK is a full service patient recruitment and retention company that leverages technology, social media patient communities, and indication-specific expertise to ensure study timelines and sponsor budgets are met. Since its inception, StudyKIK has reached over 6 million patients and connected over 3.1 million patients to studies.
StudyKIK provides recruitment and retention technology solutions for patients, sites, CROs, and sponsors as well as customized app technology to assist with patient retention once patients are randomized. As a result, StudyKIK is the global leader in patient recruitment and retention strategy and implementation.

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