Unfinished Live Episode 3 Asks "Is Technology Driving Progress or Chaos?"

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Unfinished, a new impact-driven network and media platform, streams the newest episode of Unfinished Live, "Technology + Humanity," on Nov. 24, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. ET on unfinished.com. The episode will explore questions about what's possible now at a moment when the public is considering both the benefits and consequences of technology's role in society.

Content and programming for the third episode was influenced by current events, including the ongoing antitrust investigations into big tech companies and disinformation campaigns during the recent U.S. election. Segments of the show were developed based on tech-related questions that were submitted to the Unfinished website and social media channels since the debut episode of Unfinished Live.

The new episode follows the first two productions, "Economy + Justice" and "Democracy + Voice," using a variety of media and formats, including art, short stories, film, interviews and interactive discussions, weaving together community voices with thought leaders. The goal of convening this wide array of perspectives and experiences is to create a dialogue that catalyzes innovative solutions, new ideas and positive change in society.

"We all see the intense power and influence technology holds over individual lives and our social fabric. And that influence today, especially when it comes to social media, is not good," said Frank McCourt, chairman and CEO of Unfinished. "It is far past the time when we can accept the consequences this has for society. We must examine how technology is designed, built and governed -- and promote a new order."

"Technology + Humanity" is hosted by best-selling author, activist and comedian Baratunde Thurston and includes perspectives from:

    --  Ina Fried, Chief Technology Correspondent at Axios
    --  Tristan Harris, Co-Founder and President of the Center for Humane
    --  Lynn Hershman Leeson, Artist and Filmmaker
    --  Jennifer Pahlka, Founder of Code for America
    --  Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change
    --  Vivian Schiller, Executive Director of Aspen Digital at the Aspen
    --  Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance
    --  Nadya Tolokonnikova, Political Activist and Founding Member of Pussy
    --  Gil Weinberg, Professor and Director at Georgia Tech Center for Music
    --  Meredith Whittaker, Co-Founder and Co-Director of AI Now Institute at
        New York University
    --  Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Artist and Senior Technical Training Specialist
        at Contentful
    --  Andrew Yang, Founder of Humanity Forward and former presidential
    --  Manoush Zomorodi, Host of NPR's TED Radio Hour and Co-Founder of Stable
        Genius Productions
    --  Shimon the Robot

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The Unfinished Live four-part digital series sources urgent questions from the public via the Unfinished website and social media platforms. The submission process is open to everyone and select questions are brought to life over the course of the series utilizing a multimedia approach.

The digital series is created in partnership with the Unfinished partner network, including Ashoka, the Aspen Institute, the Ford Foundation, For Freedoms, Georgetown University, Imperative 21, the Max Steinbeck Charitable Trust, McCourt, Mil M2, PolicyLink and The Shed. The network is united by a shared commitment to expanding the path of civic progress by creating new spaces for asking questions, listening to stakeholders and starting inclusive conversations.

About Unfinished

Unfinished is an impact network and media platform devoted to the simple idea that with open minds and a space for possibilities, individuals and organizations can advance powerful solutions to the most critical challenges of today. By tapping into the power of communities, creative media and new technology, Unfinished connects thought leaders, culture shapers, policy makers and innovators to provoke ideas, elevate unheard voices and pursue collaborations for greater impact. Unfinished is headquartered in New York City and its network partners span the world. Visit unfinished.com to learn more.

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