AdvanSix Expands Efforts Around Sustainability

AdvanSix (NYSE: ASIX) continues to build a broad platform for sustainability and corporate social responsibility across its organization and with stakeholders. A focus on continuously improving performance and core values of safety, integrity, accountability and respect propelled the company’s progress and achievements in 2020.

“Our sustainability efforts continue to mature in concert with our strategic priorities of operational excellence, enhancing portfolio resiliency and strong capital stewardship,” said Erin Kane, president and CEO of AdvanSix. “At AdvanSix, environmental, social and economic sustainability is essential to our business, especially in our relationships with key stakeholders, as we make products the world values. We embrace more every day about what it means to be a sustainable organization, leading, learning and collaborating across the chemical and broader industry environment.”

AdvanSix is a long-time, proud member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and manages its operations in a safe, secure and sustainable manner in accordance with the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles. In addition to the ACC, AdvanSix was proud to join this year with other industry leaders in global initiatives:

Together for Sustainability

In November, AdvanSix joined Together for Sustainability (TfS), a global, procurement-driven initiative that delivers a groundbreaking framework with robust tools to assess and improve the sustainability performance of chemical companies and their suppliers. TfS delivers the de facto global standard for environmental, social and governance performance of chemical supply chains. The program is based on the UN Global Compact and Responsible Care® principles. AdvanSix is one of 29 multinational TfS member companies.

Operation Clean Sweep®

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is the stewardship campaign organized by the Plastics Industry Association and the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division designed to achieve zero pellet, flake and powder loss, and help keep material out of the marine environment. AdvanSix signed the OCS pledge in September, highlighting its commitment as a leading nylon resin provider in the North American plastics industry, and has begun to implement the program at its Chesterfield, Va. site, where employees are performing assessments and preventing chip loss at the point of origin. Additional training and process improvements are ongoing, as the team works to fulfill the pledge of the OCS campaign.


AdvanSix was awarded a 2020 Gold Rating for corporate social responsibility (CSR) by EcoVadis, an independent CSR assessment agency in January. This was the first time AdvanSix participated in the assessment, which includes evaluations in the areas of Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement, and was ranked among the top four percent of chemical industry peers.

Several governance initiatives drive the organization’s approach to CSR and sustainability:

Health, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability (HSE&S) Committee of the Board of Directors

In February, the Board of Directors established the HSE&S Committee of the Board with primary responsibilities to include overseeing, reviewing and providing guidance on HSE&S management systems, reporting processes and systems of internal controls, climate change, and social and public policy programs to ensure compliance and consistency with business strategy and creation of stakeholder value.

Sustainability Council

Our Sustainability Council, which reports regularly to the HSE&S Committee, is comprised of subject matter experts throughout the organization. Part of the Council’s mission is to advance our path forward by remaining true to our core values, serving as a responsible corporate citizen, adapting to the needs of our stakeholders and delivering innovative ideas for a sustainable future.

AdvanSix publishes a Sustainability Report annually, providing an overview of the company’s environmental performance, corporate social responsibility and ethics and governance policies, and as a way to advance and engage in a dialogue among employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. This year’s report was developed in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Core, supplemented with disclosures using guidance of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) as well as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

About AdvanSix

AdvanSix is a leading manufacturer of Nylon 6, a polymer resin which is a synthetic material used by our customers to produce fibers, filaments, engineered plastics and films that, in turn, are used in such end-products as carpets, automotive and electronic components, sports apparel, food packaging and other industrial applications. As a result of our backward integration and the configuration of our manufacturing facilities, we also sell caprolactam, ammonium sulfate fertilizer, acetone and other intermediate chemicals, all of which are produced within unit operations across our integrated manufacturing value chain. More information on AdvanSix can be found at

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