A Persistent Focus on Scientific Solutions Leads to Accelerated Innovation at Lubrizol

Despite the 2020 global pandemic, the pace of Lubrizol innovation and discovery has never been more persistent. Lubrizol continues to leverage its unmatched science to unlock immense possibilities at the molecular level, driving sustainable and measurable solutions to the world’s most vexing problems. From keeping essential vehicles on the road to supporting the world’s need for hand sanitizer to reducing the effects of blue light exposure caused by increased screen time, in 2020 Lubrizol teams drove the company mission to help the world Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live Better through a variety of important innovations.

Live Better
Lubrizol helped customers deliver products that enabled billions of people to take better care of themselves during a tumultuous 2020. Here are some of the ways Lubrizol pharmaceutical science, nutraceutical ingredients and personal and home hygiene helped improve the lives of people around the globe in 2020.

Unleashing Our Expertise in Nutraceuticals
Additions to the Lubrizol Life Science Health business in early 2020 boosted Nutraceutical developments that strengthened and grew the company’s presence in this rapidly expanding market. Innovation in ingredients and formulations that can enhance iron absorption, mitigate calcium deficiencies and increase cognitive performance helped increase consumer selfcare in 2020.

Bolstering Blue Light Protection
Exposure to harmful blue light from cell phones and other screens was at an all-time high in 2020 due to increased remote working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, skin care manufacturers turned to Lubrizol for our Lumicease™ blue ingredient, the breakthrough ingredient that protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial blue light-induced damage.

Better Protecting Your Skin and the Environment
Lubrizol SunhancerTM Eco SPF Booster is a natural solution that reduces the number of UV filter ingredients and the environmental impact in suncare products. The Sunhancer ECO SPF Booster can raise a sunscreen’s SPF factor by up to 85%, improves the feel of sunscreen and is safe for marine life.

Enabling Widespread Hand Sanitizer Production
Lubrizol enabled an additional 1 billion bottles of hand sanitizer a month by increasing Carbopol® polymer production, which thickens the solution to its familiar gel-like form to allow for a more complete and effective application protecting medical personnel, patients and citizens around the world.

Create Smarter
Lubrizol continues to leverage impactful science to intentionally design and innovate with sustainability and circularity characteristics in mind. Lubrizol is committed to increasing the circularity impact of our products by 25% by 2028, the company’s centennial. Here are some key steps Lubrizol took in 2020 to increase the circularity of our customer’s products.

Increasing Efficiency of Hydraulic Equipment
A focus on innovation, testing and proven experience in hydraulic fluid development helped Lubrizol deliver a competitive advantage for oil market customers. Development and field trials of a highly advanced hydraulic fluid solution has boosted stationary hydraulic equipment efficiency by an impressive 8.5%.

Teeing Up Recyclable Golf Shoes
In 2020, Lubrizol proudly partnered with Footjoy© to develop the new FJ Stratos spikeless golf shoe that features cutting-edge Lubrizol polymers that make the new shoes as durable as they are comfortable. Lubrizol versatile TPU polymers allow golfers to go from any setting right to the golf course and back again without ever changing their shoes.

Creating Greater Coatings Sustainability
Lubrizol introduced new high solids polyurethane dispersions based on our innovative Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyol technology. With significant renewable carbon content, this breakthrough high solids polyurethane technology boosts sustainability by allowing manufacturers to formulate lower volatile organic compounds, faster drying finishes that achieve the desired look and feel with fewer coats.

A New Dimension to 3D Capabilities
2020 saw Lubrizol’s acquisition of Avid Product Development, a trusted partner for engineering and additive manufacturing services, an exciting new dimension to Lubrizol that will increase design flexibility, rapid prototyping and production capabilities across the 3D printing value chain.

More Reliable Sprinkler Systems
As an industry leader in both piping systems and fluid technology, it’s only natural that Lubrizol be the one to introduce improved antifreeze technology to protect fire sprinkler systems. Thanks to the 2020 introduction of freezemasterTM anti-freeze, even systems with piping exposed to the harshest of environments will be ready to flow if needed.

Move Cleaner
Lubrizol technology extended vehicle life, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions of essential vehicles and consumer vehicles alike. The company backed up vehicle reliability with a bold commitment to sustainability, establishing a goal of enabling a 50% reduction in vehicle emissions by 2040. Here are a few ways Lubrizol enabled the world to Move Cleaner this year:

Driving Increased Sustainability in Passenger Cars
Lubrizol worked closely with manufacturers to meet the emissions requirements for today’s passenger cars. The latest generation of Lubrizol ACTTM additive technologies lowers the impact of low-speed pre-ignition wear, reduces production complexity, reduces emissions and boosts fuel efficiency savings.

Reducing Air Pollution in Shipping
Lubrizol developed a robust additive lubricant solution to help the shipping industry meet new standards for low sulfur fuel oil. The additive was extensively tested to meet these limits while maintaining high engine protection performance. Lubrizol also became the first additive technology supplier to join the Getting to Zero Coalition, an organization focused on developing commercially viable, zero-emissions deep-sea ships by 2030.

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s clear that Lubrizol leveraged its unmatched ability to unlock immense possibilities at the molecular level to deliver on its mission. Now, as focus shifts to 2021 and beyond, Lubrizol is more committed than ever to driving sustainable solutions and measurable results to help the world Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live better.

About Lubrizol
The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, leverages its unmatched science to unlock immense possibilities at the molecular level, driving sustainable and measurable results to help the world Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live Better. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol owns and operates more than 100 manufacturing facilities, sales and technical offices around the world and has approximately 8,800 employees. For more information, visit www.Lubrizol.com.

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