P3 Audit announces partnership with Croner UK

LONDON, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- P3 Audit, a specialist managed service provider of Global Third Party Payroll Business Continuity and Compliance Testing, today announced that it has entered into partnership with Croner, one of the oldest and most trusted employer support services in the UK. Through this partnership, both P3 Audit and Croner bring added value and a connected service experience to their collective clients.

Speaking about the partnership, Paul Holcroft, Managing Director at Croner, said:
"We welcome the alliance collaboration with P3 Audit whose UK client base can benefit from our HR, employment law, and health & safety services. This cooperation also offers our clients the potential assurance that their third-party vendors are operating compliantly and without risking business continuity."

"Croner extends compliance and business continuity to our clients who have welcomed work from home as a critical part of their operations, without realizing the obligations and risk assumed by employers" said Chris Els, CEO of P3 Audit. "While P3 Audit focus on testing vendor business continuity as well as contract SLA compliance, we are proud of our partner collaborations that ensure extended business resilience for our clients."

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