Briotech, Inc. Announces New Distribution Agreement for BrioHOCl® and BrioWHISH(TM) in Romania as part of its European Expansion

WOODINVILLE, Wash., Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Briotech, Inc. announced a distribution agreement with Intermodeco 2004 SRL, for the country of Romania. Intermodeco will begin distribution of imported Briotech Pure Hypochlorous (HOCl) product and then quickly transition to in-country manufacturing using Briotech's new BrioWHISH System as part of its global network. Pure Hypochlorous has received Romanian EU Standard Approval for use as a hand disinfectant, a surface disinfectant, and virucide effective against the novel SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus that causes COVID-19.

"We are excited to bring Briotech to the Romanian market at this key time. Briotech's Pure Hypochlorous strength and effectiveness that is unique due to its purity, and it will play a critical role during this pandemic, and beyond," said Mihai Bulugea, CEO, Intermodeco. "We will distribute Briotech through retail, e-commerce, and to businesses to help protect their staff and environment from pathogens without harsh chemicals. Our customers are excited to use Briotech's products, as they are made solely from salt and water and do not contain alcohol, bleach, ammonias, or harsh chemicals."

"Our relationship with Intermodeco--and approval in Romania--represent major strides in the process of bringing Pure Hypochlorous to the world. HOCl is made by our white blood cells, and its efficacy in pathogen inactivation and as a healing agent, when synthesized in pure state, has been studied for over 100 years. Our BrioWHISH( )program will produce millions of gallons per day, or more, on a global basis," said Rick Lockett, CEO of Briotech. "In addition to delivering Pure Hypochlorous to those in need, we will collaborate with Intermodeco to donate a portion of WHISH production capacity to charitable organizations within Romania as part of a global commitment in our WHISH network."

Briotech HOCl is composed of salt, water, and hypochlorous acid, and unlike bleach, quaternary ammonias, alcohol, or pH neutral HOCl, Briotech HOCl boasts a safety profile that makes PPE (personal protective equipment) unnecessary, presents no skin or lung irritation risks, is non-flammable, is food-contact safe, and requires no rinsing or wiping. Briotech's BrioWHISH Systems produce the world's first pure HOCl to be manufactured at scale with zero contaminants or buffers that reduce the efficacy, safety, and stability of competing products

Briotech HOCl is available at, in Romania, and on For information on Briotech's breakthroughs, BrioWHISH, and charitable work, please visit, or email to inquire about the company's BrioEarth division that changes lives through work with communities in need.

No statements contained in this press release are meant to imply that Briotech HOCl is a treatment for COVID-19 or that its use would directly prevent the contracting of the disease.

Rick Lockett, CEO

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