Targus® Reimagines 2021 Product Range to Support Work from Anywhere

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Targus, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, announced its new reimagined product line-up at CES 2021. At the first ever virtual CES, Targus is showcasing products designed for the new work environment: from working safer with antimicrobial protected backpacks and disinfecting LEDs, to working anywhere with flexible tablet cases and docking stations. The line-up highlights Targus' purposeful innovation that provides both businesses and individuals with the technology they need to work in any way they need it.

"We know the work environment has changed forever, and we needed to apply this lens to our products. At CES 2021, our versatile and innovative product range represents this reimagined work experience," said Andrew Corkill, VP of Global Marketing, Targus. "Our line-up of new products offers greater flexibility, utility, safety, and sustainability than ever before. From products that protect workspaces from bacteria growth, to ones that allow people to have a desktop experience wherever they work, our new range works together to help you work smarter and safer."

Work healthy
This year Targus is announcing products that actively protect against bacteria growth with a complete range of antimicrobial products. Included is the 15-17.3" 2Office Antimicrobial Backpack, a laptop case that features an antimicrobial infused protective finish on key touchpoints to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the backpack. In addition to the backpack, Targus is also releasing several other antimicrobial products including tablet cases, privacy screens, mice, and keyboards to ensure that people can keep their working environment as healthy as possible.

To further support a healthy working environment, Targus is also announcing the UV-C LED Disinfection Light that utilizes UV-C lighting to reduce pathogens on device surfaces inside the active disinfection area. Designed to sit on a desktop, the AC-powered light runs for 5 minutes, every hour disinfecting the workspace through automatic settings via motion sensors. If any motion is detected within the safety zone or directly outside of the active cleaning area, the UV-C LEDs will be automatically disabled and resume again after five minutes of inactivity. In addition, the UV-C LED Disinfection Light has been awarded a CES innovation Award for 2021.

Work from anywhere
The products supporting work from anywhere have been developed with utility in mind. Targus is releasing the Tablet Cradle Workstation to allow businesses and Samsung tablet users to seamlessly transform their Tab Active3 tablet into a desktop experience thanks to the device's DeX(®) software. The workstation makes working from anywhere more seamless with a modular approach that allows connection to accessories, a USB-C monitor and ethernet by just sliding the tablet into the workstation. The Tablet Cradle Workstation works with the rugged Field-Ready Tablet Case for Samsung Galaxy(®) Tab Active3 that, when undocked from the cradle, will protect the Samsung tablet from knocks or falls while on the move. There are also security deterrents built into the workstation and tablet case to give peace of mind against theft.

In addition to the Tablet Cradle Workstation, Targus is releasing a Universal USB-C Phone Dock which allows users to connect a USB-C DisplayPort Alt. Mode-enabled smartphone (eg. Samsung Galaxy® S10/S20/Note 10/Note 20) to an external HDMI television or monitor, while also plugging in key peripherals - like a mouse and keyboard - an Ethernet cable, and an SD or microSD card to further enhance connectivity.

Targus is also releasing updated versions of its award-winning docking stations including the DOCK310 and travel dock DOCK423 that will make connecting a laptop to multiple monitors while charging multiple devices simultaneously even easier.

Work sustainably
Continuing its leadership in delivering eco products and accessories, Targus is launching its first eco tablet case; the VersaVu(®) EcoSmart(®) Case for iPad(®) (8th and 7th gen 10.2 and Air 10.5 and Pro 10.5 inch). Made from recycled materials, it also passes military spec drop testing, features a patented 360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape views, and has a secure magnetic closure.

The eco tablet case is an extension of Targus' successful line of eco laptop cases including its Cypress Collection with EcoSmart(®) that utilizes recycled plastic bottles in the fabric of its bag and accessories.

Product availability & specifications

Work from anywhere:

    --  Table Cradle Workstation [$299, Coming Spring 2021]
    --  Universal USB-C Phone Dock [$109.99, Coming Spring 2021]
    --  DOCK310 docking station [$159.99, available now]
    --  Travel dock DOCK423 [Coming Spring 2021]
    --  Field-Ready Tablet Case for Samsung Galaxy(®) Tab Active3 [Coming
        Spring 2021]

Work healthy:

    --  2Office Antimicrobial Backpack  [$119.99, Coming Spring 2021]
    --  UV-C LED Disinfection Light [$299, Coming Spring 2021]
    --  SafePort(®) Rugged Case for iPad(®) (8th and 7th Gen) 10.2" w/
        Antimicrobial  [Coming Spring 2021]
    --  Antimicrobial Privacy Screens  [Available now on select models]
    --  Antimicrobial Mice and Keyboards [Coming Spring 2021]

Work sustainably:

    --  VersaVu(®) EcoSmart(®) Case for iPad(®)  [Coming Spring 2021]
    --  Cypress Hero with EcoSmart(®) Backpack [$89.99, available now]
    --  Cypress Briefcase with EcoSmart(®) [$69.99, available now]

About Targus

Thirty-five years and a history of firsts, Targus has been revolutionizing mobile computing accessories for large enterprises and end-users alike -- connecting people and technology in meaningful ways. From laptop bags to tablet cases to peripherals and universal docking stations, we persistently conceive, design, and produce innovative, productivity-boosting solutions that make the complex, simple; and help people pursue their passions and live their purpose - at work and in life. We cross categories, regions, industries, and lifestyles with a breadth and depth of products that seamlessly provide you with everything you need to live, dream, and do.

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