Japan's ARM Co. Launches "ARMCODE1," AI for Full Automation of NC Programming, for Limited Sales Abroad

KANAZAWA, Japan, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ARM Co., Ltd. (ARM) has begun taking pre-orders for "ARMCODE1," which can fully automate NC programming by AI, from overseas users.

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Official site: http://www.armgroup.jp/en/index.html

Three biggest benefits of "ARMCODE1":

    1. Full automation of NC programming in the field of metal processing,
    2. A system of automatic quotation and machine status monitoring by mobile
       devices, which can accelerate digital transformation of small-lot
       production factories,
    3. ARM's unique algorithm enabling highly accurate machining.

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- Background for the birth of "ARMCODE1"

A few years ago, Takayuki Hirayama, founder and President of ARM, calculated the CNC machine utilization rate in his factory. He found that NC programming accounts for about 50% of the total processing time, and this process hinders productivity improvement at many SMEs, including his own company. By utilizing factory automation & processing technology cultivated in ARM, he has developed "ARMCODE1" in order to solve this problem peculiar to small and medium-sized parts manufacturers.

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- Overview of "ARMCODE1"

Machining programs (G code/M code) are automatically generated by simply dropping 2D or 3D CAD data into the software-specified area. AI thereby selects the optimum machining conditions from thousands of types of tools and one million machining conditions, enabling high-precision machining. Characteristic functions of ARMCODE such as automated estimation and automatic calculation of the machine tool utilization rate also reduce the workload on the manager and help to thoroughly eliminate unprofitable work.

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- Limited sale of "ARMCODE1" for only 500 users

Price: Please contact the company for a quotation.
How to order: Users can order from the reservation form on the special site of "ARMCODE1." Sold only for 500 users. Limited sales will end as soon as the number of pre-orders reaches 500.

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- About ARM Co., Ltd.

Established in August 2006, ARM has consistently undertaken from design to manufacturing for automobile and semiconductor automation equipment. The company would like to utilize its expertise in functionality, safety, and productivity cultivated in the business with large companies for automation, digitization and use of AI at SMEs. It is ARM's mission to develop products that allow small and medium-sized manufacturers to make a profit and reduce the stress on their owners.

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- Company profile

Company Name: ARM Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 1-61, Tomizu, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Pref. 920-8204, JAPAN
Representative: Takayuki Hirayama, President
Established: August, 2006
URL: http://www.armgroup.jp/en/index.html
Business area: Automation system, robot system, AI software design and development

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