Nation’s PFAS Leader, Eurofins, Expands Reporting to 75 Compounds

Eurofins Environment Testing America (Paris:ERF) has become the only commercial environmental laboratory to have the capability of reporting up to 75 PFAS target analytes, 70 from a single injection in potable and non-potable water. This achievement comes after increasing testing capacity in 2020 to meet the high demand of PFAS analysis, offering expedited turnaround times as short as 1 day. This expansive analyte list is the most comprehensive in the nation. With over 30 dedicated PFAS instruments, Eurofins currently holds the largest PFAS capacity in North America.

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) refer to a group of man-made compounds that can persist in the environment, bioaccumulate and biomagnify in wildlife. In recent years, PFAS have come under scrutiny for their adverse health impacts. As demand for PFAS testing has increased, Eurofins has been a leader in matching the demand and providing clients with the technology necessary to expand the testing landscape.

With 20 years of experience, Eurofins’ environment testing laboratories utilize gold-standard methodology to support PFAS analysis and analyze an extensive list of matrices for PFAS contamination. This list includes but is not limited to: potable and non-potable water; soils, sediments and biosolids; leachate; biota, tissue and vegetation; AFFF; concrete; dispersants, viscous liquids and micro-powders; commercial products such as carpeting, packaging and other items; and foods and dairy. Eurofins list of 75 compounds goes beyond testing for common replacement chemicals GenX, DONA and F-53B and provides insight into the next generation of PFAS. This capability, combined with specialty testing such as PFAS in source air emissions and ambient air, Total Oxidizable Precursors (TOP) Assay, Total Organofluorine, and Non-Targeted Analysis, provides the most comprehensive picture of PFAS contamination to date.

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