Compass Minerals Delivers Essential Liquid Plant Nutrition with Launch of Hydro Bullet™

Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP), a leading global provider of essential minerals, today announced the introduction of Hydro Bullet™, a new liquid foliar fertilizer product line designed to help plants discover their full agronomic potential.

The Hydro Bullet product line is comprised of an innovative portfolio of research-driven nutrient combinations supporting specific agronomic needs with targeted nutritional benefits. Hydro Bullet formulations help deliver the in-season nutrition that plants need during critical growth stages in order to improve plant vigor and maximize crop performance.

Each stressor or nutrient deficiency in a plant’s life cycle can negatively affect crop quality and yield. Through extensive research and development, Compass Minerals designed this trio of Hydro Bullet products to complement its existing plant nutrition portfolio – nourishing crops with the highest quality nutrients to drive optimal plant performance all season long.

“At Compass Minerals, we strive to positively influence farmer growing practices and sustainable agriculture through the development of innovative plant nutrition,” said Brad Griffith, chief commercial officer. “By providing products that enable responsible stewardship of the land through improved quality and efficiency of crop yield, we are focused on helping growers navigate healthier harvests.”

Within the Hydro Bullet product portfolio, there are three targeted applications:

  • Battalion™
    An amino acid-based liquid fertilizer proven to promote root growth, photosynthesis and water flow during stress. Battalion has successfully been used on millions of acres during the past 10 years with field data across two continents.
  • Big Iron
    A unique, patent-pending iron delivery system. Its low molecular weight acid complexing agent ensures iron is more available for rapid uptake than traditional methods. With the ideal pH for nutrient uptake in the leaf, Big Iron promotes a greener, higher-yielding crop.
  • Bloom
    A liquid fertilizer blend with an ingredient combination specifically designed to improve flower to fruit/grain retention. Bloom provides key nutrients to reduce abiotic stresses and preserve crop yield.

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About Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP) is a leading provider of essential minerals focused on safely delivering where and when it matters to help solve nature’s challenges for customers and communities. Its salt products help keep roadways safe during winter weather and are used in numerous other consumer, industrial and agricultural applications. And its plant nutrition business manufactures an innovative and diverse portfolio of products that improve the quality and yield of crops, while supporting sustainable agriculture. Additionally, its specialty chemical business serves the water treatment industry and other industrial processes. The company operates 21 production and packaging facilities with more than 3,000 personnel throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil and the U.K. Visit for more information about the company and its products.