Nuturell, Scientifically Proven and 100% Natural, Kills Coronavirus on Surfaces for 14 Days With One Application

Nuturell has formulated an unparalleled 100% natural liquid surface shield that kills 99.9% of Coronavirus, mold, fungi, algae and other pathogens for 14 days after only one application.

Nuturell creates a non-toxic “green” barrier over hard and soft surfaces. It has the consistency of water, no smell, no scent, dries clear in 30 seconds and cannot be washed off. EPA-accredited Sanders Laboratories found that Nuturell kills pathogens on interior and exterior surfaces and fabrics for 14 days.

This first-of-its-kind product is available in large totes to businesses and in consumer-sized sprays and wipes through

Current customers include White Glove Sanitation, which services the military, and Medivolve, a publicly-traded company.

How Nuturell Works

Traditional disinfectants use various poisonous chemicals, resulting in a “chemical kill” that is harmful to humans, animals, and plants.

Nuturell’s proprietary “green” surface shield technology converts into an invisible coat of stabilized silver ions, which “mechanically” kills pathogens.

Key Markets

  • Offices, hospitals, warehouses, schools, hotels, public buildings. Nuturell’s 14-day efficacy against Coronavirus with one 30 second application slashes sanitizing costs.
  • Consumers who want a safe, toxic-free home with a cost-effective “green” product.


“As a medical director at nursing facilities with COVID-19 patients, I love being able to both cleanse and protect myself quickly and easily with a non-toxic silver-based anti-microbial compound like Nuturell. I spray it on my hands and clothes, stethoscope, and lab jacket.”
Jay Harms, MD

“Nuturell is the gold standard for a safe and natural surface protection created by science. The proof is in the data in which the careful embodiment of natural components, while being 100% nontoxic, are remarkably effective despite containing no chemicals.”
Annabelle Manalo Morgan, PhD, Cell and Developmental Biologist

“We did some serious research on Nuturell Surface Shield and found there was simply nothing like it ever made, totally "green" and kills 99.9 % of all pathogens. White Glove has incorporated Nuturell in all of our product lines.”
Roger Dinkens, CEO, White Glove Sanitation


  • EPA Establishment Number 97456-DE-1
  • Green Science
  • Nanotechnology
  • Environmentally Safe
  • 14 Day Efficacy against Coronavirus and viral pathogens