Galtway Industries Expands Following Record Growth in Manufacturing, With Services Beyond Oil and Gas

Galtway Industries, a leading channel partner of world class manufacturers specializing in supply chain solutions for top tier OEMs, achieved a rare feat for businesses in 2020 by having its best year in the company’s eight-year history, despite global economic conditions and affects on the oil and gas industry, traditionally a primary focus of Galtway’s business. Therefore, today the company announced the completion of a strategic rebranding effort that positions the company for continued growth along with its leading position in the oil and gas industry.

“Our core business of developing and implementing innovative supply chain solutions remains unchanged,” said Josh Lowrey, President of Galtway Industries. “Our refreshed brand is more inclusive of the various industries we will provide our leading edge sales and marketing solutions to on behalf world class suppliers around the globe.”

Galtway Industries now serves manufacturers in the oil and gas, hydro, wind, nuclear, marine, power generation, heavy industries, mining, and transportation industries. It delivers solutions for machining, fabrication, castings, forgings and fasteners that meet the tolerances, quality, and supply chain required in today’s business environment.

“When we completed our strategic review we realized how substantial our business was across multiple industries,” continued Lowrey. “We’d been so busy building it up over the last seven years, we finally stepped back to appreciate what we built with an eye on how to continue forward.”

The company partners with leading OEMs Lucchini Mame, Riganti, Oklahoma Forge, POK Foundry, Express Bolt and Gasket, and Marmen along with producing the popular industry podcast, “The Highly Capable Podcast,” available on all top podcast platforms.

About Galtway Industries

Houston-based Galtway Industries is North America’s leading channel partner of world class manufacturers specializing in the development and implementation of supply chain solutions for Top Tier OEMs. It provides precision metal components, parts, and solutions for the high-tech manufacturing and energy industries world wide. More information on Galtway Industries can be found at