GMV breaks into the top 5 EDIDP-participating firms

Madrid, July 9, 2021.- The technology multinational GMV has been awarded seven of the 26 projects selected by the European Defence Fund as part of the second EDIDP call. The European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) sets out to boost the competitiveness of the EU’s defense industry, thereby helping to build the EU’s strategic autonomy.

It is working with a budget of 500 million euros for 2019 and 2020 (245 million euros for 2019 and 255 million for 2020).

EDIDP aims to support the EU defense industry’s equipment- and technology-development efforts, working with EU co-financing. The seven projects with GMV participation in this second call account for 50.1 million euros, about 27% of the total budget. In the first call GMV won four projects from the selected 16, worth a total of 155 million euros, over 50% of the budget.

GMV’s participation focuses anew on the company’s strategically important areas. This expertise helped to clinch the deal, which in turn will improve the company’s international position in key technologies. The awarded projects, centering on the development of AI, command and control, navigation, space and cyberdefense capabilities, are the following:

•             AI4DEF. Demonstration of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in defense.

•             eCOLORSS. Indirect long-range fire support system.

•             FIRES. Development of the next generation of 155 mm guided munitions.

•             SAURON. Advanced space entity classification and identification sensors.

•             INTEGRAL. Groundbreaking space surveillance and alert technology.

•             ODIN’S EYE. European autonomous early-warning anti-missile defense.

•             SEANICE. New generation of antisubmarine warfare.

The fine results of the first call in 2020 were key in GMV being chosen again by the European Defence Fund, strengthening its hand even more in EU’s Preparatory Action in Defense Research (PADR) and building on its excellent results under the 2019 EDIDP call. In all, taking in the two EDIDP calls, GMV has been awarded 11 projects, making it the fifth biggest project winner in Europe.

GMV considers it fundamental to ensure ongoing continuity in Europe’s defense initiatives and hence values the results obtained very highly, reinforcing its capacities in technology like AI or command and control.

This result confirms GMV’s cooperative attitude within Europe, winning it a place among the main European companies in terms of EDIDP participation and pole position for the second EDF phase, which will kick off in 2021, significantly increasing the European Commission’s investment and defense collaboration among member states.

GMV is a privately owned technology business group founded in 1984 and trading on a worldwide scale in the following sectors: Aerospace, Defense and Security, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications and IT for government authorities and major corporations. In 2020, it had revenues of nearly 260 million euros.

Working with a staff of over 2,300, the company now runs subsidiaries in Spain, USA, Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, and Colombia. Seventy five percent of its turnover comes from international projects on all five continents. The company's growth strategy is based on continuous innovation, and it plows back 10% of its turnover into inhouse R&D.

GMV has reached CMMI level 5, the world's most prestigious model in terms of enhancing an organization’s process capability, and it has numerous international patents.

Currently, GMV is the world's number-one independent supplier of ground control systems for commercial telecommunications satellite operators and the European leader in the ground segment of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNOS and Galileo).

It is also the primary provider of C41 command and control systems for the Spanish Army and the leading national provider of telematic systems for public transport.

For over 15 years now it has also been a tried-and-trusted provider of telematics software, services, and systems in the automotive sector.

In the ICT sector it has become a national benchmark as a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions and services for IP networks, ICT applications and mobility applications for governments and the development of e-Administration.

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