Suntria Empowering Homeowners to Become Energy Independent

Climate change is one of the largest challenges facing the world today and driving fossil fuel prices up. Finding immediate solutions is a global must. Arizona-based Suntria is proud to be part of the solution through providing residential solar and battery systems. Suntria’s mission is to empower homeowners to gain energy independence through its innovative energy systems.

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Suntria employees installing solar panels. (Photo: Business Wire)

Suntria employees installing solar panels. (Photo: Business Wire)

Solar & Batteries are key to cleaner household energy consumption. They enable homeowners to gain energy independence while saving on their utility bills. The average homeowner is not aware that solar and batteries are becoming more affordable than ever. At the same time, corporate-owned power companies keep raising rates despite the fact that as the population increases so does the stress on their grids, causing them to become more unreliable than ever before.

Suntria is the leading full home energy solution provider serving Arizona, Nevada, and Texas with plans to expand into additional markets. Suntria is focused on making homes cost-efficient and independent from the increasingly unreliable power companies. With the company’s number one priority being complete homeowner satisfaction. Suntria is employee-owned and takes each homeowner’s experience personally.

Suntria offers a turnkey experience to the homeowner from the on-set of the process. From its complimentary in-home estimate to the final step of the installation of your solar system, your project manager otherwise known as your “Suntria Prodigy” is there for the homeowner every step of the process. Suntria’s Made-In-The-USA solar panels are installed by its own team of fully licensed electrical technicians – no third-party installers.

All products offered by Suntria are the latest in technology, from its cutting edge-batteries that provide power even during an outage, to microinverters that convert the power of the sun into energy, to its proprietary software. Finally, all your energy usage and system status can be fully monitored from the palm of your hand, anywhere, with Suntria’s solar monitoring mobile app. Suntria constantly strives to innovate and provide its homeowners the latest technology in their energy independence transition.

With Suntria you can have peace of mind knowing your energy independence is protected with a 25-year manufacturer warranty that covers parts. Also offered is Suntria’s 30-year insurance plan that is the industry leader. What does that mean to the homeowner? It means Suntria builds a 30-year relationship with its homeowners and why so many people trust Suntria as they know their investment is protected. Suntria has also earned the highest credentials that the industry has to offer, including NABCEP and SEIA Certifications.

“Going solar with a battery is the practical, most reliable and cost-effective energy saver,” states Deborah Casper, Chief Financial Officer of Suntria. Adding, “There has never been a more important time to become energy independent than now. With all the climate changes like drought and natural disasters wiping power in entire states plus volatile rate increases from local power companies, and just the overall concern with the environment, the time for solar & batteries is now. In going solar, the customer has the benefit of watching the value of your home go up and your utility bill go down and the tax credits offered will save you even more money.”

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About Suntria

Founded over 17 years ago, Suntria is a high-tech company revolutionizing the home energy market. Suntria believes in empowering people through innovative energy systems with trust, quality, transparency, and complete homeowner satisfaction. Proudly having installed and maintained over 17,000 solar systems, Suntria is building an experience that is paving the way for environmentally and financially conscious homeowners to rethink about the benefits of solar power.

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