Janes Partners with ALQIMI for AI-Powered Enhancements to Events Offerings

Through partnership, ALQIMI’s AOSENTM will critically enable Janes’ delivery of events to organizations at the heart of government and national security. ALQIMI’s solution will empower Janes to augment existing, human-driven capability with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to deliver an optimal decision-making capability.

ALQIMI’s Open Standards Environment – AOSENTM – is a fully containerized, big data platform consisting of over 30 fully-integrated applications, microservices, data storage solutions, and machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) engines. ALQIMI utilizes AOSENTM to quickly and inexpensively tailor applications, fusing structured and unstructured data for a wide variety of use cases.

Janes customers require the capability to prepare and position resources to both safeguard against actions by their adversaries and mitigate impact to their citizens and national security. Janes continues to invest in this capability, ensuring the delivery of its timely, validated, verified, and assured defense information.

The Janes Events Centre identifies and categorizes global events, including Terrorism, Counter Terrorism, Serious & Organised Crime, Protests & Riots and Government & Political events. Janes analysts validate and verify sources, and working with ALQIMI’s Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enables them to consume a greater number of timely and relevant events from multi-language sources from around the globe. Empowered by NER and NLP, Janes analysts can focus on standardizing and augmenting event data, adding additional information to each event in order to provide a complete, consistent and structured event record.

Ben Conklin, Chief Product Officer at Janes, commented: “I’m delighted that after a thorough review of AI driven providers, we selected ALQIMI to deliver the latest enhancements to our events offering. ALQIMI’s AOSENTM platform will augment Janes’ existing capabilities in the critical, timely manner our national security customers need. Selected from multiple responders, one of the key benefits to Janes of the ALQIMI platform is the native language NER capabilities in more than 30+ languages – an ideal fit for us for global national security issues.”

“We are delighted to be partnered with Janes on another critical national security offering,” said ALQIMI President Brian Miloski. Mr. Miloski continued, “When we saw the Janes requirements, we knew it was a great fit for a tailored service powered by our AOSENTM platform. In particular, we were confident our NLP expertise could automate the record creation from publicly available information (PAI) sources as per Janes classifications and data models.”

Harry Kemsley, Janes President Government & National Security remarked, “We were thoroughly impressed by ALQIMI’s artificial intelligence capabilities – our confidence in their work was significantly enhanced by our previous experiences with them and their work with other organizations such as the US Department of Defense. Indeed, this will be the fourth engagement between Janes and ALQIMI. We are excited to extend our partnership.”


ALQIMI is a data, software and IT services company with over 20 years of exemplary past performance. The ALQIMI Team is a group of curious, hungry, experienced and mission-oriented people who are excited by challenges and see tremendous ways in which properly used technology can accelerate knowledge and improve our world. ALQIMI has built the ALQIMI Open Standards Environment – AOSENTM - a fully containerized, big data platform consisting of over 30 fully integrated applications, microservices, data storage solutions, and machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) engines. AOSENTM is built upon open standards and is designed to the exacting security requirements found in the most secure U.S. Government systems by adhering to the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) 800-53 high-impact controls. AOSENTM is capable of quickly and securely tailoring applications to client needs and currently hosts a wide range of applications such as probabilistic models for a fertility clinic and an Integrated Early Warning system for the US Air Force. To learn more, please visit www.alqimi.com.

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