ITCubed Debuts Video Series How Do You IT?

Today ITCubed debuts How Do You IT?, an original video series featuring CEO Chad Barron’s in-depth interviews with business and community leaders about how they harness the power of technology at work and home. Filmed in Huntsville’s HEARTS Veteran Museum, “Episode 1: History of Military Technology” celebrates the service and commitment of the men and women serving in the armed forces. Thaddeus Shaffer, army veteran and managing director of SKW & Associates chats with Barron about the history and expansion of military technology from Shaffer’s days as an O3 Infantry Captain and how data retrieval and analysis play an integral role in his current work with SKW.

How Do You IT? is an exciting initiative in ITCubed’s corporate social responsibility program to amplify voices of both individuals and organizations adding value to and fighting for improvements in community well-being, veteran services, and mental health. ITCubed chose HEARTS for the filming of the first episode to pay tribute to the veterans who have served across all branches of the United States armed forces and encourage the public to support HEARTS’ ongoing work with the veteran community. Focusing on veterans and military technology for the first episode was personal for Barron because his father is a Vietnam combat veteran. For Tara Burnett, Executive Director at HEARTS, the collaboration with ITCubed is a great opportunity to “highlight the veteran community [...] and provide an avenue for people to help.” HEARTS recently broke ground on a permanent Vietnam memorial wall; support their work on GoFundMe to help the project reach completion.

Barron hopes to continue this outreach in future episodes by providing a platform for others to share the work they do in their communities. By collaborating with the HEARTS Veteran Museum and Project Zero Alliance, another nonprofit dedicated to serving veterans and first responders, ITCubed brings awareness to the meritorious work veterans provide to communities and businesses alike. Kyle Shutic, Executive Director of Project Zero Alliance, believes ITCubed’s new show “can provide inspiration to veterans to share a part of their story.” Project Zero Alliance relies on community support and donations to continue their work with veterans and first responders; visit their website to learn more and get involved.

Watch the full episode on ITCubed’s YouTube Channel and connect on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. ITCubed is a national managed IT service provider that increases revenue, reduces expenses, and mitigates risk for their SMB partners through technology strategy, security, management and support.