TissueTech Announces Rebranding, Adopts BioTissue Name Across Entire Business

TissueTech, Inc.—a pioneer in the clinical application of cryopreserved human birth tissue products to treat ocular surface disease and disorders, chronic wounds, and musculoskeletal conditions—has unveiled a corporate rebranding, including a name change and a new logo. BioTissue, Inc. and Amniox Medical, Inc. will now both be known under a single commercial, customer facing entity, BioTissue, Inc.

With three decades of continual advancements in regenerative medicine, BioTissue has been a clear leader in the ocular space. By adopting the BioTissue name across the entire organization, the company will also reflect that innovative heritage and promise in its surgical business, which was previously known as Amniox Medical.

“For years, health care professionals have known our products—regardless of their specific applications—for providing mother nature’s most natural gift of healing so their patients can get back to the lives they love,” said Ted Davis, president and CEO, BioTissue. “Our new, unified brand supports our entire pipeline of human birth tissue products to aid the treatment of wounds, musculoskeletal conditions, trauma-induced injuries, ocular surface disease, and burns.”

BioTissue’s innovative amniotic membrane products retain their trusted brand names, including Prokera®, AmnioGraft®, AmnioGuard®, Neox®, and Clarix®. All these products use the company’s proprietary CryoTek® cryopreservation technology, designed to retain the tissue’s structural and functional integrity.

Since its inception in 1997, BioTissue has pioneered the clinical application of human placental tissues. While most companies in the regenerative medicine space utilize only amniotic membrane tissue, BioTissue offers products leveraging the unmatched power of tissue derived from the umbilical cord—providing a thicker graft and delivering more regenerative biology.

Today, more than 680,000 patients have been treated with BioTissue’s products and its scientific and clinical advancements have been documented in over 380 peer-reviewed publications. BioTissue continues to break new ground with multiple investigational new drug clinical trials underway to secure biologics license applications for indications to address unmet clinical needs in the ocular, orthopedics, and wound management markets.

“By combining our efforts behind a single brand and leveraging our collective strengths, the new BioTissue paves the way for more innovative research and development, collaboration with additional healthcare sectors, and a strong pipeline of future products,” said Davis, who recently took leadership of the company upon the retirement of Amy Tseng, BioTissue’s founder and former CEO. “As we look to the future of BioTissue, there are more great things to come.”

The new BioTissue brand includes a bold new design representing healing, energy, and life. BioTissue will continue to roll-out the updated branding in the weeks to come, including a new website, conference / exhibit booth, and full suite of customer-facing support materials.

About BioTissue,Inc.

BioTissue is an emerging biotechnology company and leader in harnessing the unique power of human birth tissue to support regenerative healing for ocular surface disease and in surgical, chronic wound, and musculoskeletal applications. BioTissue’s portfolio of cryopreserved amniotic membrane products use its proprietary CryoTek® cryopreservation technology, designed to retain the tissue's structural and functional integrity. The company continues to break new ground with multiple investigational new drug clinical trials as the company pursues biologics license applications for products to treat patients' unmet clinical needs. BioTissue is committed to empowering healthcare professionals with solutions to deliver optimal patient outcomes by fostering innovation through evidence-based science. Since its inception, clinicians have performed over 680,000 human implants with its products and published over 380 peer-reviewed studies supporting BioTissue's platform technology. Learn more at biotissue.com.