Aquant Expands Offering of Service Hero App for Technicians Who Service Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Aquant expands its Service Hero™ product line to enable food service technicians to resolve commercial kitchen appliance issues in real-time, while becoming experts in all major commercial kitchen appliances and brands.

Aquant, a service intelligence platform that gives service leaders, technicians, and teams the most vital information they need for every service encounter, announced the launch of Service Hero™ for Food Equipment. Using expert crowdsourcing to troubleshoot issues pertaining to all major commercial kitchen appliances, Aquant’s new mobile triaging app turns every food service technician into an expert.

Service Hero™ helps incoming technicians augment any knowledge gaps they may have as they enter the service industry and instantly troubleshoot all major appliance brands and models. Service Hero™ for Food Equipment provides technicians with the on-demand tools they need to fix commercial equipment commonly found in restaurants, including hotline and coldline appliances. By accessing the data stored in the app, technicians can get to the root of the problem more quickly, find the appropriate parts, and have a fix within a shorter time window.

“Restaurant owners need service technicians they can rely on, and Service Hero™ for commercial kitchen appliances gives techs the knowledge they need to solve service encounters on the first try,” said Edwin Pahk, Aquant’s VP of Growth. “After years of industry knowledge being siloed by veteran technicians, those new to the service industry will have the same knowledge right in their pocket.”

The Service Hero™ app for Food Equipment is available for repair technicians, service managers or entire service organizations. Service Hero™ is $50 per month. New users can sign up for a one-month free trial at

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