Innovia Medical Acquires Apdyne Medical Company

Innovia Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of Apdyne Medical Company. This acquisition allows us to manufacture and distribute the Apdyne Phenol Applicator Kit, which is used to anesthetize the tympanic membrane during myringotomy procedures.

Each kit features a fresh unit of phenol and an applicator with a unique foam tip, providing immediate anesthesia for a quick and convenient procedure. The applicator eliminates patient discomfort associated with local infiltration, and the procedure is quick and easy, providing predictable best results.

“Becoming the official manufacturer of the Apdyne Phenol Applicator Kit is a strategic addition to our vast Ear, Nose, and Throat product offerings,” said Terry Meredith, CEO, Innovia Medical. “This allows us to better support ENT healthcare workers by delivering fast in-office treatments with an applicator that can be conveniently disposed of after use.”

"I want to thank everyone who contributed to Apdyne Medical Company’s success over the past 32 years,” said Richard Erickson, President, Apdyne Medical Company. “We are excited that Innovia Medical recognized the value of the Apdyne Phenol Applicator Kit and its positive impact on patient care. We wish Innovia Medical continuing success."

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About Innovia Medical

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About Apdyne Medical

Apdyne Medical, based in Golden, Colorado, is the leading manufacturer and marketer of phenol application kits used to anesthetize the tympanic membrane during in-office myringotomy procedures. The company was founded in 1988 by Dr. Larry Severeid, John Walsh, and Michael Walsh. Richard Erickson joined in 1991 as the operational leader for the business and continues to serve in that role today.