July 1, 2022 - KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) and DEFENTURE have stepped up their cooperation in the German-Dutch procurement project for a new airborne platform (LuLa) even further by signing an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).

The LuLa system is to replace the airborne forces' existing vehicles and is part of the €100 billion special fund. DEFENTURE's Groundforce (GRF) system has already been introduced in and is fully verified by the Dutch Army and forms the basis for the planned LuLa vehicle family.

The GRF is a truly MOTS (military of the shelf platform) with a weight of five tons and a payload of two tons, the platform is certified air-transportable (CH47F Chinook).

The platform gives full configuration freedom and offers integrated and modular ballistic protection. Its agility is underscored by its turning radius of just nine meters with a battlefield proven 4-wheel steering system KMW is in charge of the various equipment kits, which can be changed without the use of special tools. KMW is Europe’s leading provider of on-site services for military vehicles, training systems and civilian simulators.

Predictive service measures prolong the operating life and ensure maximum availability.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO of DEFENTURE: "We are glad to be working with KMW, which has exceptional experience, competencies and expertise as a systems house."

"Our German-Dutch cooperation sets a strong signal that European cooperation can work – also in the participation of national industries, like in this German-Dutch procurement project," says Ralf Ketzel, CEO of KMW.

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, a member of the German-French defense technology group KNDS, leads the European market for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles. At locations in Germany, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the USA more than 4.000 employees develop, manufacture and support a product portfolio ranging from air-transportable, highly protected wheeled vehicles through reconnaissance, anti-aircraft and artillery systems to main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles* and bridgelaying systems. In addition, KMW has wide-ranging system competence in the area of civil and military simulation, as well as in command and information systems and remote-controlled weapon stations with reconnaissance and observation equipment. The armed forces of more than 50 nations worldwide rely on tactical systems by KMW.

* Joint venture with national and international partners. Unless otherwise indicated, all products are registered trademarks of KraussMaffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG

Defenture, an experienced company that designs, develops, assembles and maintains battlefield-proven tactical vehicles. The product portfolio offers all configurations required for light tactical requirements up to 10 tons. Experienced employees can quickly create professional, safe and high-quality multiple multirole vehicle systems. The IP/patent ownership provides a good basis for strategic cooperation with partners with market presence and/or complementary technology skills. These cooperations between Defenture and her partners guarantee secured delivery times and high quality of the systems in use by soldiers on a mission.

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