Zeno Celebrates Key Milestones in Customer Acquisition, Product Growth

Zeno Technologies, a pioneer in helping businesses master the financial performance of their energy assets, has achieved significant traction following the company’s public launch in October 2021. In just nine months since emerging from stealth, Zeno won key client engagements and expanded its product offering to help energy businesses exert better capital discipline to deliver predictable returns to their investors.

“The energy industry used to be all about production volumes, but today it’s a value game. To succeed in the current climate where investors demand predictable, repeatable returns, energy companies need to exert strong capital discipline. This is holding true even with the renewed pressure to increase production,” said Sealy Laidlaw, CEO of Zeno. “Today producers simply can’t increase production without first convincing investors that they will continue to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. That’s where Zeno helps. We enable producers to master the financial performance of their energy assets to build investor trust and expand in a sustainable, profitable way.”

Building investor trust is a requirement of doing business in today’s dynamic energy market. With Zeno, operators now have the ability to surface critical data from across their organizations in real time to help them more accurately hone current performance, invest incremental capital, as well as acquire or divest assets at precisely the right time and price to maximize the financial upside of those assets. Zeno’s Energy OS brings a new financial discipline to bear and creates investor transparency that sets up energy businesses for success.

Customer Acquisition Momentum

Since emerging from stealth just nine months ago, Zeno steadily increased the pace of new customer acquisition. And while the increasing volume of recent sales is in itself an important growth metric, what’s even more impressive is that Zeno’s newest customers sought out Zeno to help them navigate very unique aspects of their business. Zeno’s newest customers include a privately held producer seeking to optimize the financial return on its investments, a pre-asset organization using Zeno to assess potential acquisition targets, and a leading operator in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale looking to make better-informed A&D decisions. Each customer has a different motivation to collaborate with Zeno, while the common thread throughout is the collective desire to bring greater financial visibility and discipline into their organizations.

Always Know Your Numbers

Zeno gives energy-focused organizations the ability to not just surface numbers, but to translate that data into actionable insight to drive their businesses forward. To achieve this, the company is refining its offering to help energy CFOs and other finance executives hone the financial performance of their energy businesses. Key product advancements include a new central command center for the platform that enables energy executives to see the key financial performance metrics that drive their businesses in real time, and to easily model different market and operational conditions without needing to rebuild analyses or revert to their functional teams for validation.

Business Insight Delivered Daily - For Free

Zeno recently expanded its offering to include The Daily Report, available free to organizations that want a quick, real-time snapshot of the most important numbers driving their business performance. Each daily report is compiled directly from the company’s own data sources and curated into a concise, self-branded report to give C-suite executives and other stakeholders a comprehensive view of the organization’s key revenue-driving metrics.

In aggregate, these key milestones serve as validation that Zeno built a solution whose time has come. Now more than ever, energy businesses need to know their numbers with a clarity and immediacy that only Zeno can deliver.

Ready to know your numbers? Visit www.zenotech.io for more information about Zeno’s Energy OS. To sign-up for The Daily Report, visit https://zenotech.io/the-daily-report/. And be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest company news.

About Zeno Technologies

Zeno Technologies is a pioneer in helping businesses master the financial performance of their energy assets. Zeno’s Energy OS is used by energy companies, investors and partners to drive financial performance by connecting organizations through data on a common platform, building real-time insights so their businesses can exert stronger capital discipline to better deliver the positive cash flows and predictable returns investors demand. Zeno is privately held and headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information, visit www.zenotech.io.