Danfoss and Enersponse Partner to Enhance Accessibility of Automated Demand Response Solutions for U.S. Food Retailers

Danfoss, a global leader in climate and energy solutions, has joined forces with Enersponse, a leading distributed energy resource (DER) management company based in California, to introduce cutting-edge services for American supermarkets.

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This collaboration aims to enhance energy flexibility in HVAC and refrigeration systems by unlocking benefits for the food retail sector with Enersponse’s Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) solutions.

Providing Demand Flexibility and Energy Efficiency

As the food retail industry undergoes a digital transformation, sustainability emerges as a key phase in its evolution. To foster the green transition, Danfoss and Enersponse will collaborate to ensure food retailers achieve grid stability while reaping financial rewards automatically via Auto-DR. By reducing energy usage when electricity demand exceeds supply, Auto-DR helps ensure the lights stay on and the food stays fresh, all while reducing energy use during peak periods, which often correlates with high emission periods.

Enersponse’s DERMS Platform will be seamlessly integrated into Danfoss Alsense®, an Internet of Things (IoT) food retail services cloud solution that tracks refrigeration asset performance, allowing retail managers to easily respond to alarms, ensure 24/7 monitoring of food conditions and reduce energy consumption.

"We maintain an unwavering commitment to seeking out premier building control partners to further enhance the impact of our energy initiatives," explained James McPhail, the visionary CEO and founder of Enersponse. "Being at the forefront of our industry with unmatched technology, collaborating with a company like Danfoss was an obvious choice. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both organizations, delivering not only excitement but also substantial benefits to their customers such as tailored demand response events and the generation of a passive income— all while maintaining adherence to safety standards to ensure perishable foods remain well within the designated safe temperature zones and a multitude of other advantages."

“We are thrilled to partner with Enersponse to expand our offerings to food retail customers in the United States,” says Natalie Schnippering, Danfoss Head of Digital Services. “With digital innovation, we can capture supermarket data and gain the insight needed to optimize energy use, automate corrective actions, and prevent peak loads and energy waste.”

Tangible Impact of Automatic Demand Response Measures

Electricity consumption varies throughout the day and year, therefore, uncontrolled demand-side consumption often leads to critical congestion in the grid during peak hours. Demand-side flexibility and energy efficiency measures shift the energy consumption to times when demand is lower. This proactive Smart Demand Response approach from Danfoss and Enersponse enables supermarkets to reduce electricity costs by lowering cooling loads during peak hours.

According to the International Energy Agency, Smart Demand Response could provide 185 gigawatts (GW) of system flexibility, equivalent to the currently installed electricity supply capacity of Australia and Italy combined.

To learn more, visit www.danfoss.us and www.enersponse.com.

About Danfoss: Danfoss engineers solutions that increase machine productivity, reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and enable electrification. Our solutions are used in such areas as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, power conversion, motor control, industrial machinery, automotive, marine, and off- and on-highway equipment. We also provide solutions for renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, as well as district-energy infrastructure for cities. Our innovative engineering dates back to 1933. Danfoss is family- and foundation-owned, employing more than 40,000 people, serving customers in more than 100 countries through a global footprint of 95 factories.

About Enersponse: Enersponse is an energy resource management platform that works with power providers across the country to aggregate their distributed energy resource (DER) and rebate programs with clients across the U.S. to maximize financial incentives by automating load reduction responses. This process helps providers maintain a stable grid; saves customers money; earns them passive income through rebates from utilities; and helps achieve corporate social responsibility objectives. The company’s intelligent automation-powered distributed energy resource platform is connected to hundreds of power generators across North America, all dispatchable to customers’ existing control systems. Enersponse’s advanced technology keeps track of what’s happening down to a micro-locational level—even for large enterprises with facilities distributed across multiple power grid providers— by monitoring weather patterns, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations. It then syncs the data collected with pre-set client preferences to intelligently adjust power use in real time without the need for human intervention. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conservation programs to maximize cost savings—ultimately paying customers and their control companies to save power.