NGS Simulates First-Ever Performance Demonstration of New Glazing Security Solution, 3M S2400

NGS, the nation's leading retrofit glazing security contractor, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by simulating the first-ever performance demonstration of 3M's newest S2400 glazing security solution.

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The demonstration consisted of three panes of 1/4" tempered glass, each attacked with a cinder block and metal baseball bat. The results are as follows:

  • Traditional P.E.T. security film with attachment system: moderate delay
  • 3M S2400 single-sided with Impact Protection Adhesive: significant delay
  • 3M S2400 double-sided with Impact Protection Adhesive: no breach

"As our simulation demonstrates, 3M S2400 offers incredible performance for commercial and government entities looking to drastically improve glazing security," states James Beale, CEO of NGS. "The performance combined with the price point becomes a no-brainer when compared to alternative glazing security solutions on the market."

Unlike traditional P.E.T. films, 3M S2400 is polyurethane-based, which enables it to absorb energy upon impact. In addition to its impressive 560% elongation at break strength, the solution is visibly clear, which allows companies to maintain the aesthetics of glass while simultaneously protecting people and property.

This innovative blend of form and function makes 3M S2400 the ideal solution for companies and organizations looking to enhance their glazing security measures without sacrificing aesthetics. NGS has inventory on-hand and immediate availability for national installation. Interested parties should contact while supplies last or visit to learn more.

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