Midco Diving & Marine Services Expands in Arizona to Meet Demand for Commercial and Municipal Diving in the Southwest

Midco Diving & Marine Services has opened a new regional office in Phoenix, Arizona. Providing a wide range of commercial diving services from underwater construction to municipal water tank repair, Midco serves all 50 states.

Midco is the longest-standing, best-practicing, most comprehensive diving company in the U.S. with nationwide service. They have over 20 years of experience in commercial diving, working with municipalities, private industry, and the federal government with inspection, maintenance, and construction needs. Midco employs project managers, DPICs, equipment operators, and multiple dive teams to skillfully execute projects of all sizes from design to lifetime maintenance.

Working with municipalities, industrial firms, rural water organizations, commercial properties, and national park services, Midco tackles projects of all sizes.

“Since opening our first regional office in Arizona, we’ve seen a desperate need for safe, reliable, and qualified commercial dive teams in the Southwest region,” said Midco’s president, Robert Greenspan. “Now, with an office in Phoenix, we can provide additional dispatch capabilities to the southwest and continue to support our growing footprint nationwide.”

Midco’s multiple dive teams have an impressive resume with experience in underwater construction, potable water tank service, dredging and debris removal, municipal plant maintenance, marine engineering, high-risk/hazmat diving, and more.

Midco’s commercial diving operations employ the best divers, arming them with high-quality equipment needed to get the job done safely and efficiently. Known for exceptional service and exceeding the safety standards of the commercial dive industry, Midco attracts and recruits the top divers in the nation.

Every member of our commercial underwater diving teams is trained and certified to ANSI and Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) standards. Plus, our hazmat team members are HAZWOPER certified by OSHA. When they are not diving, our divers are training and recertifying to keep their skills sharp. Midco divers take pride in being the best and are motivated to take on the most challenging projects,” stated Greenspan.

Midco is making a name for itself as the preferred commercial diving vendor for many professional water operators and submerged infrastructure managers in the southwestern United States. With expertise in adverse diving conditions, including hazardous material, zero visibility, strong currents, and high-altitude projects, Midco is willing to take on the toughest jobs.

Midco provides a 24/7/365 dispatch hotline with emergency services nationwide.

Call today to discuss your commercial diving needs: 1-800-479-1558.

Learn more about Midco Diving & Marine Services at https://midcodiving.com/.