V3V Ventures Allocates $1.35 Million to Enhance Real Estate and Nutrition Tech Startups with Blockchain Innovations

Singapore-based V3V Ventures invests $1.35 million in Directly.xyz and Eatr.com to advance blockchain in real estate and AI in nutritional planning.

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- V3V Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, has announced substantial investments in two groundbreaking companies: $1 million in Directly.xyz, a pioneering real estate agency based in Dubai, and $350,000 in Eatr.com, an AI-powered nutrition and diet planning application. These strategic investments aim to support both companies in their missions to revolutionize their respective industries through advanced technology.

V3V Ventures invests in projects across various sectors, including cryptocurrency, real estate, and health/AI technologies. This diverse portfolio demonstrates V3V's commitment to advancing innovative solutions like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Investment in Directly.xyz

Directly.xyz is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology within the real estate sector in Dubai. In addition to cryptocurrency transactions, Directly.xyz aims to improve efficiency and transparency in the real estate market through blockchain technology, offering competitive pricing and rewarding investment opportunities, which we believe could set it apart in the industry.

Ilya Govyadko, CEO of Directly.xyz, commented: "We are thrilled to have V3V Ventures as our partner. Their investment will accelerate our growth and enhance our ability to offer unique solutions in the real estate market. This partnership is a significant step towards our goal of becoming the leading real estate agency in Dubai."

Investment in Eatr.com

Eatr.com leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized meal plans, recipes, and nutrition insights tailored to individual dietary preferences and health objectives. The app is designed to cater to various dietary requirements, including keto, vegan, and pescatarian diets, making healthy eating more accessible and enjoyable for users worldwide.

V3V Ventures sees immense potential in AI-powered mobile applications, particularly in fundamental areas like nutrition and dietetics. The increasing awareness of health and wellness, coupled with advancements in AI technology, positions apps like Eatr.com for substantial growth. Personalized nutrition apps are becoming essential tools for individuals seeking to optimize their health, manage chronic conditions, and achieve their fitness goals. The demand for such applications is expected to rise as more people prioritize health and well-being.

About V3V Ventures

V3V Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm dedicated to investing in innovative companies with the potential to transform industries. With a strong focus on Web3 and crypto projects, V3V Ventures also supports other disruptive business models. The firm assists entrepreneurs and startups in achieving their growth ambitions through strategic investments and guidance.

For more information, please visit v3v.com, directly.xyz, and eatr.com.

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