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AMCA (Advanced Machine Control Applications) is the only company in The Netherlands who designs and manufactures load independent proportional hydraulic control valves, also called load sense valves. The Company has been producing hydraulic control valves for more than 50 years now and in these many years AMCA valves have been used in all kinds of application across the world. AMCA’s network of Build Program partners make sure that spare parts are worldwide available on a very short notice. 

AMCA load sensing valves are rated for a pressure of 350 or 420 bar and are available from 1 L/min till 1000 L/min. The Company can deliver valves suitable for subplate or manifold mounting, and also sandwich style mounting. AMCA modular designs are the perfect base for making a 1-off custom solutions and makes them also suitable for large quantity OEM customised solutions.  Even functions which are normally placed elsewhere in the hydraulic system can be integrated in to the Company’s proportional control valves.

The main benefits AMCA offers are:

  • Carefully balanced spool system resulting in an excellent hysteresis of 3 %
  • Unique compensator resulting in almost perfect load control and sharp pressure setting cut off.
  • Cast iron bodies and caps with stainless steel moving parts
  • Optional ‘Protalloy’ surface treatment rated for a 1000 hours saltwater spray test.
  • Quick delivery and reaction times.

AMCA has long been an ISO-9001 registered supplier to the military. The Company’s products can be found in many special tank and armoured vehicle based applications, in ground equipment for air systems and is a standard in heavy duty recovery vehicles 

Recovery Vehicle
The application of control valves in military vehicles requires not only high precision compensated control but also a high level of shock resistance and full service back-up. 

The fine hydraulic control required to recover and winch up a tank is supplied by the AMCA proportional valve which delivers compensated winch control without being compromised by other demands on the hydraulic system.

The oil and gas and offshore business is one in which AMCA has grown as a specialist supplier of hydraulic control solutions. The Company’s reputation for a fast delivery, flexibility in specifications and their capacity for making a custom modification is established and rewarded in the offshore industry with long standing relationships.
Offshore wave motion compensated crane: hydraulic valves working in offshore conditions are known to suffer from the extreme environment. AMCA proportional valves work succesfully in this environment and perform with consistent results. Special coatings are available for offshore environments.

The mining and underground construction business means compact energy packs with high controllability load sensing proportional valves and suitable for very rugged circumstances. Down time is costly and making repairs is not always easy. The Company’s customers choose the toughest valve available, AMCA’s M series, available in ATEX, EEXD versions for work in gas dangerous areas.

Coal Road Header
The coal road header is a specialised machine designed to work continuously underground in a potentially explosive and dusty environment. AMCA was chosen to deliver the proportional load sense valve that will keep working under these extremely challenging conditions.

Tunnelling Machine
Amsterdam’s new Metro tunnels were drilled in difficult soils and under major monuments by Herrenknecht AG tunnels drills. AMCA delivered the required hydraulic control system for the market leader in underground construction and tunnelling.

Hydraulic drives are typical solutions when high power controls, compact design and high reliability is required, such as found in mobile cranes and heavy construction. AMCA’s hydraulic valves are proudly found in directional drilling, lifting, mobile cranes and tunnel drilling applications.

AMCA Hydraulics Control - Pictures

Proportional control valve APV series

The APV series load sensing valves are rated for  a pressure of 420 bar and are available from 1 L/min till 1000 L/min.

Modulair design
This control valve series has a modulair design. This means that the basic main spool bodyis always the same and depending on the wishes of customers  functionality like a secundairy relief valve or shock suctions valves can easily be intergrated in the so called connection block. This modulair design is the perfect base  for making the build program and it is also suitable for making customer and OEM specific solutions. Even functions which are normally placed in line in the hydraulic system can be integrated in to the APV valve series.

M-series valves - MEV,MHV, MOV, MPV

MCA made its reputation on the renowned M- series proportional control valves. This series was the first valve which was fully pressure compensated, or load independent. The combination of ruggedness, great controlability, high power, a wide range of options and customisation make the M series still popular: This valve has earned its pay in challenging applications worldwide. Applications such as, graders, fire ladders, injection moulding machines, cranes, winches, steering gear, mining equipment and many other applications.

Tipping Valve - HK

The HK series of tipping valves were specially developed for full controlability of the tipping function on a dumper truck. The oil is regulated through the valve to lift the dumper, forming a safety sytem during lifting.

Safety record 
When lowering is required the valve ensures that the lowering speed is constant and proportionally regulated, irrespective of the load.  This valve has a well proven safety record in the business with many tens of thousands in operation today. 

Dual pressure 
The HK valve is avialable as a dual pressure valve so that two dumper truck valves can be arranged in series on a single hydraulic feed line.

Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

This reducing valve allows continuously variable pressure control in a hydraulic system. The main application is for tools that are pressure controlled like grips or clamping cylinders. The pressure range can be from 0 to 12 bar all the way up to 0-350 bar fully proportional. The repeatable accuracy of the reducer is +/- 3% .

  • Pressure reducing controleing the whole range independent of the supply pressure. 
  • Several sub-plates available. 
  • Conversion to ISO/CETOP mounting surface. 
  • Several control pressure ranges available. 
  • Different pressure ranges for the two pilot lines possible. 
  • Proportional solenoids with longer life for the armature in the oil. 
  • Several types of proportional solenoids, such as explosion proof “II 2 G EEx m II T4” and IP67. 
  • Adjustable valve response time

Customer Specific Solutions

AMCA has been well known in the market for being able to make customer specific solutions. Throuhgout the years the Company has made many different customer specific solutions on and around their proportional hydraulic control valves. AMCA modular design makes it possible to create these solutions by changing just 1 part according to the customers wishes. Because of their flexible approach the Company is able to offer customised solutions even for small series, or just 1 offs. 

Equivalent AMCA Products

The AMCA M-series range derives from a patent that was released in the 1960's. Many other valve producers used this same patent to develop their first pressure compensated control valves. This resulted in control valves being very similar to the M-series. Even the names and descriptions look a like. AMCA has learned to deliver a direct replacement or alternative to a few valve brands that are either no longer in production or becoming hard to source. These valves can be found on truck applications like snow ploughs or other road equiment trucks. Some valves have even been used in military applications.

AKON Open Centre Directional Control Valves

AMCA has been appointed as distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK for the open centre directional control valves from AKON Hydraulics. AKON is one of the leading manufacturers of  open centre directional control valves up to 350 bar. They are availble as a monoblock and sectional valves with flows from 35 l/min till 150 l/min and spools optimized for different applications. The directional control valves are suitable for manually, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic operation.

Scanreco Remote Controls

AMCA has been a partner of Scanreco remote controls for over a decade now. Scanreco has supplied remote control systems to fit AMCA proportional control valves for over a decade. The versatile range of modular set-ups allows for customer specific applications at competitive prices. Both for OEM and for aftermarket customers. Scanreco has developed a series of off the shelf modular solutions to give fast and competitive response to most enquiries customers may have, including joysticks or levers on their PCU controller, main motor switches and integrated machine safety.

PROam21 Amplifier

The pro-am proportional amplifier is developed specially to work with AMCA proportional hydraulic control valves and will work as amplifier for both the M series and APV series. The IP class of the units is IP20

Choice of current input allows a number of different drivers and controllers:

  • 4-20 milliamp
  • 0-10 Kilo Ohm
  • 0-10 Volt

Manual (analogue) adjustment is possible on site with a simple screwdriver, a feature much appreciated by mechanics in remote places. The amplifier comers with an adjustable ramp – up - ramp – down feature that is useful in setting the valve up for fine control at opening.

AMCA Hydraulics Control

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