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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Training & Simulation
  • Weapons & Ammunition

The Van Halteren Group is a Dutch family business that offers work to over 250 employees, and operates fully independently and autonomously. It comprises the following business units:


Van Halteren Defence supplies quality products and services for customers from the international defense market, including governments and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Van Halteren Defence’s products and services are to be categorized as follows:
• Road Wheels
• Simulation & Training
• Land Systems
• Parts Production

For over 30 years Van Halteren Defence produces wheels for military tracked vehicles. They focus on both production and repair. They also work as a partner for OEMs in the development of powertrains for new vehicles.

Since 1990 Van Halteren is producer and supplier of military simulation systems. The company’s Training Systems for Artillery and Mortars are used in many countries and realize significant added value for their customers, especially in bridging the 'gap' between theory and 'live firing'.

For Land Systems, Van Halteren is the partner of several international defence contractors and the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA). They provide services throughout the entire system life cycle, from assembly and integration to Maintenance Repair & Overhaul.

Van Halteren Defence disposes of a modern machine shop and a professional welding department. This makes them a good partner for outsourcing complex parts production. Van Halteren Defence has supplied parts for many defence programs in last decades.


Van Halteren Special Products B.V. (VHSP) provides technical services and develops & builds high-tech components and solutions for the Defence market, both Army and Navy, and the Civil (rail) market. VHSP provides technical services from design, realisation, operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul to midlife updates. Products and activities range from engines, transmissions, power packs, cooling systems and collective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection, climate control and chiller units for armoured vehicles, to naval applications and rail solutions. VHSP offers its clients solutions during the complete lifecycle of a product. Solutions are customized where necessary.

To enable clients to make optimal use of their equipment, VHSP looks for the optimal solution in every situation. Activities performed by VHSP include:
• Design, engineering, prototyping (testing and qualification) and production of military land and sea-based platforms
• Project management, maintenance and engineering services / optimization, installation and commissioning
• Preventive and corrective maintenance; revision, repair, overhaul and testing

Series production and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) contracts are performed under excellent working conditions. The organization has highly qualified and motivated employees, is highly customer-driven, achieves high quality standards and is ISO 9001-2008, AQAP 2110, ABDO 2006 (security) and STEK (refrigeration) certified.

Furthermore VHSP provides training and instruction courses for its clients, using audio-visual methods to explain the theory. The trainees can put their knowledge into practice during hands-on training in the workshop or onsite.


Van Halteren Metaal is the machine factory of van Halteren Groep. Because it consistently invests in people and resources the company always works with passionate experts and state-of-the-art equipment. Quality and safety are crucial and this is why they are guaranteed with the highest level of certification. Whether it is a one-off or series production or a complete installation, Van Halteren Metaal offers a one-stop shop solution, with the following core competencies:
• Project management (cross-discipline projects)
• Engineering
• Construction work and Certified welding (EN 3834-2, EN 1090-1 and IWE)
• Mechanical processing (up to 20 meters)
• CNC turning, milling and boring (3-, 4-, 5-axle, simultaneous)
• Integrated quality care (ISO 9001-2008, measuring machine 6000 x 3900 mm)
• Assembly (E&I, Wtb)

Handling of workpieces up to 64 tonnes maximum.  Processing of all the going construction materials including high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as the processing of high alloys.

If so desired Van Halteren Metaal can manage entire projects, to minimize clients' stress. The company’s strength especially lies in projects that require a combination of certified welding and high-grade mechanical processing. From engineering to final assembly, Van Halteren is the partner for clients from various industries, including: Offshore, Semi-Conductor, Defence, Automotive, Wind Energy, Mining, and Machine and Equipment Construction and Big Science projects.

Van Halteren Metaal is ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Road Wheels

Van Halteren is one of the leading suppliers of Road Wheels in the world. Ever since the start of this business in 1973, they have supplied a variety of wheels to many countries. Today Van Halteren is the knowledge partner for several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) when it comes to Road Wheels. Van Halteren has designed, tested and delivered the Road Wheels for a number of newly introduced tracked vehicles.

For operational vehicles including CV90, M113 and Leopard II, Van Halteren has developed improved Road Wheels. Tracked vehicles tend to increase the payload. They have proven concepts of lighter applications for a higher payload. The company's vast experience, materials knowhow and hands-on mentality are the driving forces of these innovations. Their current delivery program consist of Road Wheels for self propelled howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, recovery vehicles and others. Van Halteren has partnerships with rubberizing companies in different countries.

Van Halteren also has vast experience in refurbishing many kinds of Road Wheels in order to extend the product life time and decrease the vehicle life cycle costs. This Refurbishment is cost efficient for the users and has no effect on operational capability.

MORSIM - Training Simulator

Van Halteren has developed a mortar trainer in close cooperation with the Dutch Armed Forces. The challenge of modern training is how to train the units to the highest proficiency while expending the least amount of resources. Live firing training is expensive, dangerous, hazardous to the environment and most important, not done enough to achieve the desired skill level. Based on these assumptions and the experience gained from artillery training, Van Halteren has developed the concept of the MORSIM.

The MORSIM is a simulator for Mortar Crews which enables realistic training in a safe environment and against favorable economic conditions.The MORSIM prototype has been developed in close cooperation with the Dutch Armed Forces.

Howitzer Crew Trainers

Van Halteren is the leading supplier of training systems for Howitzer Crews in the world, having delivered training systems to more than 12 international customers. The first simulators were developed in 1990 in close cooperation with the Dutch Armed Forces. Ever since, Van Halteren has invested heavily in the further development of the systems, based on feedback from our growing customer base. Today the company is able to supply state-of-the-art training systems for Artillery which provide true value to their users.

Van Halteren's Howitzer Crew Trainers (HCTs) bridge the gap between classroom training and live firing training. The challenge of modern Artillery Training is how to train the units to the highest proficiency while expending the least amount of resources. Live firing training is expensive, dangerous, hazardous to the environment and most important, not done enough to achieve the desired skill level.

The company's HCTs realistically simulate live fire situations for gun crews and battery level fire missions and make it possible to train for every possible scenario before even one live round has been fired. These scenarios include gun drills, misfire drills, burst-rate firing, battery drills, shoot and scoot, etc. By the time the crew is ready to fire their first live round, they are already fully qualified. Using an HCT results in reduced training time, but increased skill levels for individuals and crews. Training costs, however, are considerably lower (75% or more) than live fire training. Van Halteren's systems are field proven for Towed Howitzers and Self Propelled Howitzers.

Land Systems

When it comes to services related to land based military systems, Van Halteren is the Dutch partner for several international defence contractors. Their dedicated team and well-equipped production facility enable them to carry out services for vehicles in all stages of the life cycle.

Van Halteren has been involved in the manufacturing of new systems, such as CV90 and Pzh2000, which have been taken into operation in The Netherlands recently.

Projects carried out by Van Halteren have included activities such as vehicle/turret assembly, systems integration, retrofitting and final testing. The company's integrated project management approach ensures a decent coordination and a single point of contact for customers. Van Halteren also offers life cycle services such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), field support services, testing and logistic support.

Van Halteren's modern machine equipment and professional construction shop support us in carrying out the different services and moreover, it ensures flexibility and problem solving. Van Halteren is one of the partners of the Royal Netherlands Army in the Land Maintenance Initiative.


When it comes to the production of complex mechanical parts for defence applications, Van Halteren is the right partner. The company's modern CNC machinery, large welding department and integrated quality assurance, enable them to produce the most complex and accurate parts for several customers from the defence industry.

Van Halteren's portfolio comprises the production of:
• Armored steel turrets
• Armored steel Hatches
• Commander cupolas
• Wheel Stations
• Crank shafts
• Shock absorbers
• Gun cradles
• Mortar structures

Van Halteren B.V.

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